Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, I just got home from the Asheville trip with the fam. It was fun, but slightly annoying because my mom refuses to go walk around to all the cute little shops downtown, and instead sticks to the mall. Now, I am all for shopping in any type of setting, but I just LOVE downtown Asheville, and I only got to wave at it as we sped past on our way to the mall. Oh well. Heres a pic recap.


My sister and her friend, Anothney.They look excited huh?!


My littlest sis Tatum (I call her Taber)

I think someone mentioned on another post how I look nothing like my sister, and its true. I actually have three sisters, all with curly black hair, dark skin, and blue eyes. Me? Blonde, straight hair, pale as a ghost, and brown eyes. I MAY be the milk mans baby.

Back to the pics:


Beautiful scenery on the drive up


Gorgeous mountains of Tennessee/North Carolina


Arriving in Downtown Asheville


Apparently someone is REALLY proud of their name, and sub-par graffiti skillzz.


Pilot + Co-pilot


Going through the infamous tunnel. Its like 5 miles long, but we always try to hold our breath all the way through. If my mom feels like being a jerk, she'll drive about 10MPH through it.


Old lady jammies make me jump for joy!

In other news, I was completely exhausted when I got home. Shopping does it to me everytime! But I really wanna to stick with my training schedule, and I knew tomorrow would be my rest day because I have to work 9 hours tomorrow! So, right when I got home I threw on my running gear and went for DAY #3 of training. Today called for a tempo run for 35 minutes. Since I just had a time to stick to and not a milage, I decided to run on one of my fave trails today. I have no way to track milage yet, so I have to stick to the treadmill if I have a milage goal. Anyways, usually it takes me about 30 minutes to get around the trail once, but today I was struggling to get in 30 minutes after TWICE around! I really surprised myself, because it is VERY hilly too. I walked the last 5 minutes and made it twice around in 35 minutes. I was so curious as to what the milage was, so I decided to drive it in my car for a rough estimate. Roughly, it was about 1.5 miles around...and I did twice, in 35 minutes, AND it was hilly!! I even took a pretty easy run since I was so tired. So I was pretty happy with this!

Ok...I was planning on taking a shower and getting in bed. But I just received a text from my friend saying I better come play a game of pool ASAP. And who would I be to disappoint?! So I'm off!

Hope everyone had a great day today! Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Baylee♥ said...

looks like you had a fun time! i'm not really a huge fan of the mall..mostly just because almost every mall is pretty much the same, and i cant stand when the walkways are crowded with people (mostly around the holidays!)...and i love just going to different little shops and getting some fresh air while im at it.

nice job on your run! i skipped the running today. too sleepy :) haha.

have a good night!

Bec said...

Hope you had a blast playing pool tonight!

Mica said...

Wow, your sisters really do look different from you! I bet they're jealous of your blonde hair. (I am!) Do they also have nice boo-tays?

Great job on your run!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun day!! :)

have a good time playing pool tonight!!

Emily said...

Shopping always wears me out, too! Did you find any good deals? :-) I love little shops, too...sometimes you can find the most unique items!

Good job on your run...way to just get out there and run even after being tired!

Hope pool was fun!

Anna said...

It looks like you had a great day trip!

If you're interested in outside running mileage, I would recommend using It allows you to measure distances on maps and stuff and even tells you stuff like topography and your stats if you plug in your time. I love it and it really helps me figure out good routes.

Have a good night!

Stef said...

Oh man what a bummer that your mom only wanted to shop malls! That's like when people go to another country and only want to eat at McDonald's or other "American" food lol! Hope you get to revisit downtown Asheville again soon! Your run sounds great too

Amy said...

haha, old lady jammies!

Love the pics...looks like you had a lot of fun with the fam :)

lesley said...

Love all those pictures, Em, it looks like SUCH a great time!! : )

Ha, that is funny how you don't look like your siblings at all! It happens, lol, I don't think I look like my sister either.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thursday!! Love ya : )

Jaime said...

love the pics! your fam is too cute :)
great job with running girl! you are progressing so much ! you should be so proud of yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on your running progress! You and your sisters are really cute, hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Great job with the run!
I hope that work went well today and a fabulous evening playing pool! I love to read that you go out when your friends call!
You are truly living life Emily, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

ahaha i love all of the pictures!
sounds like you had a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Road trip! Woohoo. I LOVE that pic of your sis & her friend!