Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pump, Pump, Pump It Up

Today was day two of trying out the running 6 miles thing, and I actually surprised myself again! I was looking forward to trying again all night last night and I woke up this morning ready to go! When I got to the gym, I saw an old friend and she said that she might do the race with me too, so that was exciting. Anyway, I managed to do six miles straight without walking, but at kind of a slow pace. I completed the six miles in about 80 min. But, like many of you have advised me to do, I'm not gonna worry about my time so much (I mean this is my first race) and just have fun and do it for the experience. I also have taken all of your advice and decided that its probably not the best idea to push myself to do six miles everyday up until the race, so I'm just gonna do a light run tomorrow and then probably just rest on Friday. Im also in the process of making a music mix for the run too. I took RunningLaur's advice and started with some slow music, but its a work in progress right now.

Everyone help out...What is your favorite song/songs to work out/run to. Maybe I could make a "blogger work-out mix CD" .

Another thing that I am LOVING is how running as my primary source of exercise makes me feel. I'm not sure if I have addressed this before, but in the midst of my ED I was working out ALL THE TIME, sometimes I would be in the gym twice a day. I was strictly working out to burn off calories, and I would not leave the gym until I had burned off almost every thing that I had eaten. Even today, when I workout on the eliptical or the other thing-y I do pay attention to how many calories I am burning over most everything else. Usually I try to burn a certain amount of calories before I will leave (of course I eat enough to make up for it now, unlike before) However, I know that this is not a healthy approach to exercise. Anyway, the point of that is today and yesterday when I was running I didnt even hardly look at the calories that I was burning, because I was more concentrated on the mileage. I realized half-way through my run yesterday that I had not even glanced at the calories I had burned and I just got the biggest smile on my face. FINALLY, I am doing something because I enjoy it, and because it makes me feel good. Not because I feel like I HAVE to burn a certain amount of calories. And even though I dont burn as many calories running as I do doing other things, I FEEL so much better and my body feels GOOD! I feel like this is just one more point in my recovery that I am about to hit. Girls, it is hard! Even though I have gained the weight back, I still struggle (I'm not gonna lie and act like my recovery is 100% now) You guys know that it is not all just the weight, it is changing the way you think. And it soooo hard to change when you have so much knowledge of calories, and food, and things like that. Slowly but surely I am getting there, and this is just proof. The past couple of days that I have been running I feel so healthy and happy. I feel more proud of my body now because it is in shape not skinny...and I'll take a muscular, womanly body over a stick thin little girl's body any day!

Wow! what a rant, I usually try to avoid those, but I just had to tell you guys about this turning point in my recovery. I hope it will continue to grow!

When I came home from my run I WAS HUNGRY and I was kinda craving something sweet. So I had my usual, but still yummy grilled PB&J. I wanted to do something different this time, just for kicks. So I added some nice big juicy blueberries on top of my 'Nanner.

fooddd 007

I also tried out my new Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt:

fooddd 008

This is the same flavor that my sister reviewed yesterday. I added some strawberries and blueberries to make it fruit-ier.

fooddd 009

Why would my camera not focus?!! grrrr.

fooddd 012

Oh my, just look at that gooey peanut butter and the warm melty blueberries. OH-SO-GOOD!

fooddd 014

At the last minute I decided to go ahead and plate it up with some cantaloupe. Is it possible to eat too much fruit?! haha.

Now Im gonna surf some blogs and get some ideas for din din. Thanks for all the support and advice about the run. Anymore is totally welcome, I love hearing all the advice from you guys (I really admire all of you!). And dont forget to tell me your fave workout song/songs. I really am gonna make a blogger mix! Maybe distribute them?!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night! Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Stef said...

Hi Emily! Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you I love your blog! It's so great that you've fallen in love with running and how it makes you feel. I'm sure you'll do awesome and have fun at your first race, one of these days I'm hoping to run one myself! Mmm that pb and fruit looks so good! I wish I could help you with a fave workout song, but I have such bad music ADD that I have to make a new workout playlist almost everytime I got to the gym!! I say just wait until race morning and make an on-the-go list with whatever fits your mood and gets you going!

Bec said...

here are the songs at the top of my workout play list right now!
Cookie Jar - gym class heroes
Day N Night - Kid Cudi
Make a toast - Dolla
On top of the world- PCD
I'm a slave for you - britney

RunningLaur said...

It's so fantastic that you're enjoying running and that it's helping you so much!! I think running gives us all fantastic things we never thought we could have.

My slow songs are currently OAR (wonderful day, darey meyod...) and Jack Johnson (Sitting waiting wishing, etc).
And it's silly, but I like to race / run to live music because it sounds like there's a cheering crowd. I also like podcasts but that's a while 'nother story.

just me said...

i'm glad the running is so much more fun now with the different mentality! i have been there and it's def something to be proud of. :)

Sam said...

Great feelings about the run now. I love the positive outlook.
Keep up the great work.
Can I actually admit that I am really into "Circus," by the ever so crazy B. Spears?
I should probably go hide my face in same now.
Take care.

Mica said...

Great job on the run; it's such a healthy and positive thing! I'm glad you're doing a race!

Emily said...

Em, I am so proud of you! You're doing awesome with running, and I know you will rock that race! And I love your healthy new outlook on exercise.

Love your blogger playlist idea (I'm totally writing down songs that other people have suggested, hehee).

Faves right now:

-Pump It (Back Eyed Peas)
-Butterflies and Hurricanes (Muse)
-The Song of Purple Summer (Spring Awakening)
-Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna)
-Face Down (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
-How Far We've Come (Matchbox 20)
-Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)

Nicole said...

Woooohoo for keeping with the mileage. And hell yes for not checking the cals. The treadmills I'm using now don't even have the 'suggested calories burned' and I know it couldn't be better for me. I get to stop when it feels right for my body.

some i always seem to play:

black parade - my chemical romance
salute your solution - raconteurs
last night - the strokes
surf wax america - weezer
here it goes again - ok go
huddle formation - the go! team
break my heart - hilary duff
taper jean girl - kings of leon
grace kelly - mika

.. i couldn't choose

lesley said...

"I'll take a muscular, womanly body over a stick thin little girl's body any day!"

Love that!! : ) I agree!! So glad your running to going good and that you're enjoying it so much!!

Amy said...

Hey, I just stumbled on your blog, too...good job not concentrating on the calorie count!! I believe if you run for a long time (and six miles is long), you can and need to eat more calories anyways!

A nutritionist in college would tell my running team that we wouldn't be eating ENOUGH calories for the amount of work done.

Burp and Slurp~! said...

YAAY! you have discovered the TRUE joy of exercise, not just to burn xxx amount of calories!

I don't listen to much songs, but download tons of podcasts into my ipod...

luckytastebuds said...

Em this is just an AWESOME post. Seriously, you surprise me every single time with how much depth and thoughtfulness you post about. You are a freakin' intelligent and consciencious woman, and VERY strong indeed!!! You should be more than just proud of yourself for all your accomplishments! 6 miles is awesome! I can't imagine 80 minutes on a treadmill (boooooredom!!!). You are amazing! :)

P.s. NO it is never too much fruit! Unless you REALLY overdo it, then you would get I did a few years ago. hahaha

luckytastebuds said...

By the way, I just realized that you weren't on my blogroll and i was like WTHECK THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! But i've officially added you! Your blog is too freakin' awesome....thanks to you!

Marian's eats said...

Yay for running because you ENJOY it! that's what it's all about right? Life is way too short:) Have a wonderful day miss Emily!

simplyfabulousnow said...

Great day of food!

I just found your blog tonight and I love it. You sound like you are on the right track. I'm glad you are enjoying running!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Lovely Sammie!! Enjoy that race girl!