Monday, March 23, 2009

Interviews, Florals, and Awards

Happy Monday everyone! I know this is everyones least favorite day of the week, but I hope that it has gone well so far for all of you! I cant believe that I totally missed yesterday! I had spent some time over at my parents house and then my friend Lucas came to visit because he was in town for the race, so I didnt get much time to post anything.

Today has been soooo hectic too. It started early this morning when I got a phone call from a number that I did not know. When I answered it was an elementary school that I had applied for asking if I wanted to come in for an interview tomorrow morning! AHHH, I had to rush to get ready and head out to accomplish the #1 most important thing for an interview.....what to wear! Of course I got a little sidetracked and might have bought a couple of other things. But you girls know how it is when you step into a target ;).

Here is the shirt that I picked out for the interview:

Im gonna wear it with some black pants and heels. I think that its fun, but still grown-up looking. I want my fun, bright personality to show though! And I'm not going to give up my fashion for some boring plain interview suit!

Of course I just could not resist some summer time dresses. It is spring now you know! Keeping with the floral theme I scored this cute dress:


its long and strapless, and I can NOT wait to wear it!

I also picked up this little dress for summer:


Now I better hope I get this job, because I spent all my money I made working at the race. :)

All that shopping made me mighty hungry, so I came home and fixed up some lunch.


  • Italian Herb Flat Out Wrap
  • Artichoke and Garlic Hummus
  • Turkey
  • Salsa
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Spicy Mustard

With a juicy pear on the side:


The artichoke and garlic hummus was a new find for me. Upon opening the container, I thought "The name sounds like it would make my breath scare away vampires, and the smell smells like it would make my breath scare away boys." But hey, I'm not too worried about either one today, so I gave it a try. And it was pretty good. Not my favorite flavor, but still pretty good. You could definitely taste the artichoke in it.

Also, I was so excited today because I received an award from the wonderful Jenny. She always knows how to brighten up my day :)

It makes me so happy to think that I am helping anyone with anything! I love to make people happy and help out in whatever small ways that I can.

Now, its back to shopping and getting my portfolio ready for tomorrow. Oh man, I am so nervous! But I can do it!!! Keep your fingers crossed guys, you always send me good luck :)


Anna said...

LOVE your purchases. Florals are so pretty and I am so happy that they are everywhere this spring.

Good luck tomorrow!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

ahh i have that same dress! I love it! very bohemian =)

Good luck on your interview tomorrow, girlie! I know you'll rock it!! Let me know how it goes <3

xoxo love you Em!

Bec said...

Good luck with the interview, love all your new purchases!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interviews! I will keep my fingers AND toes cross for you :P

sarahmegee said...


I'm so excited to hear how it goes!

Love the interview shirt by the way :)

Anonymous said...

true story.i went to target today and saw that long dress and instantly went over to it and petted it and checked it out! ha crazyyy i love it it's beautiful!
and don't worry you're SO going to kill the interview can't wait to hear how it goes love!

Jaime said...

cute finds! congrats on the interview :) wrap looks delish! xo

Emily said...

Good luck with your interview. You'll be great (and look great too)!

Love the shopping finds. I love Target so much! I can't wait for spring to be here permanently so I can wear fun clothes all the time!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shirt for the interview - its too cute.

Mica said...

Ooh, congratulations on the interview, and GOOD LUCK! Tell us how it goes!

RunningLaur said...

You'll be awesome! Good luck!

Molls said...

ah love those dresses a ton.

good luck with that interview!

Simple and Divine said...

PLZ. Those interviews are bank. Done. DONE STUNNAAAA <333

Your dresses are presh! xoxo

Kristi said...

That dress is so cute!!

Erica said...

GOOD LUCK with the interview! Let us know how it goes ;) Such a cute top- you are going to look smashing!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous purchases girl! I love cute dresses :)

Good luck with the interview! I know you'll kick butt <3

Stef said...

Yay new clothes! Good luck at your interview, but if you're even half as charming and loveable as you are on this blog I know you'll blow them away!

lesley said...

HOORAY for you interview!!! I think you picked out the PERFECT top and I think you're look like a fun yet professional, great teacher! ; )

GOOD LUCK, Emily, you'll do GREAT!!! : )

Anonymous said...

im not even going to say good luck but you dont need it little miss.

i have no doubt you owned that interview.

now fill us in!

p.s. cuuuuute target finds.