Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laughable Discoveries of a Tuesday Morning

So there have been a series of things that have made me laugh today so far and I just HAD to share these funny moments of the morning with you guys. Here they are in bullet form for easier reading.

  1. According to Google Analytics someone apparently found my blog by goggling the term "Amazing race butt shot". I dont know if I should be more disturbed that someone is actually searching that term, or that my site was linked with it.
  2. I get a text from my friend this morning alerting me to this alarming news story. Thats right kids...who knew he was so spastic?...oh wait, I take that back, I just watched his infomercial.
  3. After telling my mom the other day that I eat cottage cheese nearly everyday, she calls me this morning to tell me about a report on the news about a lady who is 130 years old. What does she say helped her to beat father time?...eating cottage cheese everyday.
  4. My roommate is offically off her "500 calorie a day INSANE diet". Proof? I open the cabinet this morning to find that she has gone through two BOXES of Special K in two days.

So much entertainment today already!

I am currently headed over to my mother's house to bring her some POM Wonderful and get her review of it. She called me this morning to tell me about a new "healthy" recipe that she was trying for lunch. We will get her to love healthy foods yet! :) I packed up the camera, pen, and paper, and will be writing up her review in the next post.


Anna said...

I saw that story about that infomercial guy too - I'll never be able to buy something from him without thinking of that...that's probable a good thing though.

Keep eating that cottage cheese. Who knows what good it can do?!

Anonymous said...

Oh Google Analytics...what would we do without it?! Sadly I haven't gotten any fun ones, yet!

Anonymous said...

Ew, I don't know if I'd want to live to 130 if I had to eat cottage cheese every day to do it :P but then I am allergic to milk, so that would be impractical anyway!
That is indeed a disturbing google search. Maybe someone was googlewhacking?! Although you usually do that with two words...the mind boggles!

Mica said...

I heard that about the sham-wow guy. Who knew?!?

I love Google Analytics, though it creeps me out a bit.

Stef said...

LOL I KNEW that Shamwow guy was up to no good! Glad you're roomie is off her "diet."

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

ahhh haha I would say you had yourself a successful tuesday little lady! hope the rest of your day is equally as funny =)

love youuu! xo

Emily said...

Oh, google analytics. I haven't had anything weird yet.

So does that mean you will live to 130 since you eat cottage cheese?! (jk). I actually don't like it...I think it's the texture. Maybe I should try harder to like it if it's such a magical fountain of youth! :-)

Hope your mom likes the POM!

Anonymous said...

500 calories??! can anyone really survive on that?

Bec said...

what a ridiculous thing to Google!

Anonymous said...

I also eat Cottage Cheese everday--so addicted to it.
Have a great day Emily! I want to know about this weekend!

sarahmegee said...

GAhhhh, I'm glad your room mate smartened up. I hope she doesn't get into your cereal too! Haha.

I will have to look at this Google Analytics, sounds funny !

Anonymous said...

haha saw that shamwow nonsense on the tube this morning!
i lurrrvee cottage cheese! and after this proof of longevity, i'm def going to start consuming more of it!

Elle said...

I just added Google Analytics to my blog today; I was always a bit peeved that blogger didn't track traffic like wordpress...so thanks for the heads up! Although that search term is definitely..strange.

I love cottage cheese - I eat it every day too!

lesley said...

Haha, I laughed!!! : )

Baylee♥ said...

bahahahah! that is hilarious!

last night, my dad mentioned something about, 'you know that one guy - shamoo or shampow or shamwow?' hahaha! and honestly, i'd never heard of the guy..but now i have, from two people :)

keep slammin that cottage cheese girl!

glad to hear your roommate is back from crazytown.

Anonymous said...

Everyone says that Google thing is crazy, but I KNOW that I have Googled some pretty crazy stuff.