Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday Recap

what?! tornados aren't allowed on your birthday!

Apparently East Tennessee did not get that memo and decided to invite one in yesterday. Lets just say having the power go out from 6 until 7 when your dinner plans start at 630 and you have a movie date 730 is no good. But, lets start back at the beginning. My wonderful mother picked me up to go tennis shoe shopping (because I was in desperate need of a new pair, and thats what I asked for). I picked up a pair of asics, since they came so highly recommended by all you lovely gals they looked a little something like this:


I love them and I can not wait to try them out. Maybe today?!

Also, I think my college knew it was my birthday as well, because they decided to send me a little present in the mail as well.



Its my diploma! isnt it fancy?!

After an exciting day of shoe shopping my mom and I went to lunch. We decided to try this new place that just opened up called Jack's Grill. I had a turkey wrap that was only OK, but the atmosphere in the restaurant was really cool.

birthday 001

There is my lovely mom sitting across from me. Note: all of my friends call her "the leave it to beaver mom" haha. See any resemblance?

birthday 002

birthday 006

After lunch I went home and laid around with my roomie for a while. I was supposed to go out to my fave sushi restaurant but in the middle of getting ready a little tornado decided to join the party and the power went out. There was no way for me to get ready in the dark, so I just threw on a sweatshirt for the movie and had dinner at home. My roomate and my friend Tanya went to see Hes Just Not That Into You. It was sooo cute and I remembered how much I loved Jennifer Connely because she was the star of this little gem, that I watched religiously as a child.

The Labryinth. It was her first movie and also starred David Bowie. If you havent seen it, do yourself a favor and rent it TONIGHT! :)

Anyways, after the movie I met up with some friends to play a little pool.

birthday 008
The Always Ready to Party Brittni.

birthday 010
Did I mention she is also a pool shark?

birthday 012
And quite good with the men. ;)

birthday 014
There was some Karaoke going on too that was pretty entertaining, to say the least.

birthday 017
My pool partner and I pretty much Killed the competition.

birthday 018
This was my lucky hat. Am I the only one who LOVES boys in flat bill hats?! haha

birthday 023
I stole his hat, so he stole my glasses.

birthday 027
and wore them all night...

It was a really fun birthday and I would like to thank everyone for the sweet birthday wishes. You girls are great and I love you! <3 Ems

p.s. check out ohsheglows for an awesome contest for some workout gear.


Sharon said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a blast!!! And you look so cute with your mommy!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a fun birthday! You and your mama (or should I say June?) are so cute.

Have fun with your new kicks!

lesley said...

Stupid tornado and power going out!

Glad you had a great time despite it, though : ) And, yes, I do see the resemblance of your mom and June ... haha, that's funny. Yay for moms : )


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

I love that film, I even have it on VHS and DVD. David Bowie is great in it and of course Jennifer Connolly.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

tornado?! what a birthday bummer! but im glad it didnt ruin your big day too much. Lovin' those pics girl - and you are your mom's smiles are IDENTICAL and equally beautiful :)

hope thursday is treating you well, dearest.. love you a buttload! xoxo

Nicole said...

Aww cute pictures. I'm glad you had such a great birthday, tornado be damned.

Jen said...

SOunds like a great Birthday minus the tornado!!!!

Have I ever mentioned how adorable your dimples are??? beautiful!!! :D

Nutritious is Delicious said...

I totally LOVED that movie too!!

Bec said...

Glad your birthday was a blast despite the tornado! Hope you love your shoes, I just switch to asics this summer and I am in love :)

Jaime said...

your mum is too cute! yay for asics! glad you had a good bday despite mother nature's little weather gift! and OMG i TOTALLY REMEMBER LOVING THAT MOVIE!! i saw it in afterschool care when i was in kindergarten (don't ask how i remember this!?!?) lol! have a great day babe! xo

Mica said...

It sounds like you had a great birthday, despite the tornado. (WTF, weather? Seriously!)

You are quite photogenic, miss lady!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday even though it was 2 days ago! looks like you had an amazinnn time :)

so weird that you can't get bees knees, and it's the ONLY ONE that i can get haha! im craving all the other flavours now.. such a tease.. xxxx