Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Things About Me and Eats!

So I was pretty excited when I saw that the wonderful Mrs. Lesley had tagged me in her blog! I have really enjoyed reading these things on the other blogs, its so fun to get to know those little random facts about everyone...so here goes my 10 random facts about myself.

  1. I am the oldest of 4 girls. Yes, my dad is the only male in a household of 5 women.
  2. I only get out of bed when the clock reads an even number. weird, i know...I think odd numbers are unlucky.
  3. Despite my odd numbers are unlucky theory, my favorite number is 11.
  4. I LOVE all veggies. Especially broccoli.
  5. I hardly EVER watch T.V. My biggest form of entertainment is the computer.
  6. I MUST have a cup of coffee every morning, or my day just does not start off well.
  7. I sing REALLY loud in my car when I'm driving.
  8. My roommate is my 30 year old cousin. Yes, I am from Tennessee
  9. My dream destination would be Australia. And I hope to go there one day.
  10. My two favorite spices are pepper and cinnamon, and I keep them on my dinning room table at all times, because I add them to most anything. My favorite condiment is spicy mustard.

Ok, Im sure you are bored to DEATH now! haha. Moving on....today was a mother/daughter day. And by this I do mean a "con my mom into buying groceries that I cant afford day" She recently had a little bit of a health scare, so she enlisted me to help her grocery shop for some healthy items, and I couldnt help but pick up a few things for myself as well ;)

After doing a little bit of grocery shopping with mi madre, I did a little shopping of my own...for my SECRET VALENTINE!!! Im so excited to send it now, that is on the agenda for tomorrow for sure. While I was valentines shopping I also saw something that I just HAD to get for me. These little disposable plates at TARGET, they are valentines AND owls...two of my favorite things.


For breakfast this morning I had my go-to breakfast of toast with strawberry and apricot preserves and 1/2 cup cottage cheese...and of course coffee!


Notice the cinnamon on the table, see I TOLD you!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I think I'm probably about 5 years old because I buy zoo-pals utensils. Look at my "coffee stirrer"


Its totally a pink flamingo! you KNOW your jealous :)

I had lunch with my mom at Jason's Deli, where I had the turkey slimwich and a side of fruit...didnt get a pic, sorry gals! Then for dinner I made up a CRAZY concoction that pretty much consisted of me throwing anything in the fridge that looked good into some mac and cheese. I had the bottom of the bag of some spinach that I needed to use up so I sauteed that with some mushrooms and added that (with a spoonful of peas) to the macaroni. It was OK, interesting for sure...and fun to make! haha


In other news, I did make it to the gym today, but my roommate and I just received this on the doorstep today...


Ok, the commercials make this thing look easy...but it is HARD! I think my heart was about a minute away from straight EXPLODING after trying the do the leg lifts! haha. I'll let you girls know how it works once we get a little more into it. Today was kind of just a fun test day.

Ok this post turned out to be very very random! I hope everyone had a great day...Oh yeah, and THEY CALLED ME ABOUT THE JOB and I go back on Monday for a second interview. woo hoo :)

I guess all the prayers and finger-crossings did the job. Thanks girls. I love you guys tons and tons. <3333


Simple and Divine said...

DUDE... THAT J0B = Y0URS! =]

[PS] How is Jason's Deli? I see it all the time but have never been in there--- Good SaladBar?

Love you Emmy!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

haha girl even if i didn't know you at all i gaurantee i would still be able to guess your desire to be an elementry school teacher - your plates and utensils totally give you away ;) It's adorable though and i love you for it! <3 xoxo

lesley said...

YAY, congrats on the second interview!!! : )

And yay for your 10 random facts : ) I'm totally with you on 4,5,6(except tea instead of coffee), 7(sometimes) and I, too LOVE cinnamon on just about everything. Have a nice evening:)

Jen said...

YAY for the job!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the random facts :) we have some things in common, hehe!

That flamingo cup is outrageously cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love your facts! What a pretty V-day plate! Yay for another interview!

Trust, Hope, Believe said...

I just found your blog and I love it!
good luck with the job :) Sorry to hear about the health scare, but it's great that your mom is going in the right direction with healthy foods!

Bec said...

those paper plates are too cute! Congrats on getting a second interview, good luck :)

Jaime said...

yay congrats on the second interview! love your about me tid bits! xoxoxox

Nicole said...

Haha I almost bought one of the owl mugs in Target, I seriously think I spent 5 minutes staring at the all the pink valentine plates and such trying to make a decision. OF COURSE you're going back for a second interview. Good luck lady. And quicky question, what kind of mac & cheese did you use?

Mica said...

Ooh, congratulations on the second interview; that's awesome!

I don't even know what that exercise machine is, but it looks like some kind of throwback to a medieval torture device.

Mica said...

Re: your comment on my blog

You should hold off on getting a laptop lunchbox because I might be offering a 10% off coupon for them in the coming weeks! YAY!

Have a great day!

Megan said...

aw yay, congrats on the job!! yay!

that mac and cheese=omgggg.

11 is my lucky number too! i love these "10 things" lists :)

Anonymous said...

such a fun blog you have here! And your plates are absolutely adorable. :)

Molls said...

Oh that contraption looks hard!

I love cinnamon as well!! Very cute plates... I am about to head to Target and hopefully I find some of those cuties!

I love Jason's Deli!!! Hope you are having a great day!

p.s. I just started tanning for the first time in 2 years this week. I am only going to do it for the month package then see how long it last! But I use some lotion called Almost Famous that I got about 3 years and somehow still have! I hate being pasty too.