Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 277th Birthday Georgie!

Happy Presidents Day Loves! What a weird holiday huh? Just like Sophie said, if we are going to make George Washington's birthday a national holiday why not make all of the president's birthday holiday. Then we would get TONS of days off! :)

I have been in desperate need of groceries, so today was a grocery day. I have had an abundance of apples, but no bananas so I have been replacing what I normally use bananas for, with apples. So this morning I used apples in my oats :)


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 apple
  • handful of blueberries
  • strawberry preserves
  • LOADS of cinnamon

After breakfast I hit up the grocery store. I stocked up on all my fruits and veggies and some other essential items. I also picked up some Tofu, because I have been inspired to make tofu sandwiches by a lot of you lovely bloggers. I just hope I can live up to your expertise.

I dropped off the groceries and then hit up the gym! I got in a pretty good workout and was sweatin' it up in there. It just doesnt feel like a workout to me unless your pouring the sweat! My workout was quick and simple:

  • 35 minutes on the eliptical - 300 calories burned
  • 25 minutes on the "other-thing-that-looked-kinda-like-an- eliptical-but-I-am-never-quite-sure-what-its-called" - 250 calories burned.

I headed home from the gym and fixed up a quick wrap.


Now I am getting ready to run some candy to the girls at work that my mom sent me to give to them. The girls at work love my mom, because she always sends them "goodies". One of my friends from work actually called to ask me if my mom had sent them any goodies for valentines! haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week. Whether you got the holiday off or not! Lots of Love <3 Ems.


Jen said...

Because there are always bananas on my counter I often forget to put apples in my oats...It is good! I need to do it more often! :)

So nice of you to deliver goodies to your friends! :D

Mica said...

Aw, you and your mom are so thoughtful. Happy GW's Birthday to YOU too!

Anonymous said...

We never celebrate any of the Royal families' birthday or the Prime Minister, yet we celebrate Guy Fawkes night and burn a guy on the bonfire.

Anonymous said...

I think that's the arc trainer? Maybe? Unless it's that thing that's kind of like a stairmaster/elliptical... ANYway.

Happy Birthday, Papa Georgie! Enjoy your day off :-)

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

haha your mom is so precious - and the apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree ;)

speaking of apples.. your oats this morning are a very pretty peach color! just a random observationnnnn

love you, sunshine :) xo

lesley said...

I've had to do the banana/apple swap before, lol. Glad you got groceries : )

just me said...

such great eats today! i love the look of those oats!!!! so delicious!!

Molls said...

yummmmm, those oats loook so good!

oh that weird no named machine sounds like a fun time if it is similar to an elliptical!

Anonymous said...

mm apple oats sound awesome!!

Jaime said...

yummy oats! :) have a great day lady

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just found your blog via Mica's awesome blog and i'm SO excited!! You have such wonderful eats and that apple pb&J is VERY creative and VERY inspiring. :P I also love blueberries in my yogurt! (to save on cost sometimes, i get the Trader Joe's frozen blueberries and they work just as well!) I'll definitely be back!

aussirish said...

great eats girlie :)
and that sounds like a great workout! love the name for the machine thats not the eleptical lol :P
have a nice day