Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day, Slow Day

Well, it was another snow day today! Even the college shut down, which kind of sucks because that means that my gym is closed as well :(. So today was just one of those BORING slow days, because I could not even make it out of my drive way! blah. Making this a semi-boring post, because I have nothing to talk about! haha.


Flat Out wrap with turkey, red pepper hummus, sprouts, spinach, and salsa. YUM YUM!

And on the side the BIGGEST, JUICEST pear. :)

After lunch I decided I just could not sit around any longer! I hopped in the shower and got ready, and slipped on my new Whitney Port-inspired headband:

food 002
haha. I know, Im SUCH a nerd!

So I scooted on over to the mall because I am in the market for some new tennis shoes. YOU GUYS I NEED HELP! I am the world worst at making decisions, especially about something as utterly important as tennis shoes. Anyone have any recommendations for me?! What are the best shoes to run and also workout in?

Then I decided to come home and fix up some din-din. I made me up some of this yummy stuff:

food 004

It was on sale at the grocery store and I thought that it looked good and quick to make so I thought I would try it. OH MAN! It was sooooo good!!! I highly recommend it! I also sauteed some spinach and mushrooms again and had that with it as well. Just look at how awesome this set up looks :)

food 010

And of course I had to have my salad on the side. I dont know what it is but I always have to have different things to eat on, I cant just eat a plate of one thing, I have to two different things to go back and forth between, and my dinner just doesnt seem complete without a side salad. haha.

food 014

Now I am about to make up some hot coco, get in my pjs, and cuddle up with this:

food 005

Yes, Im finally making good on that promise to watch a romantic comedy. We have a love/hate relationship. Hopefully this one will live up to my cheesy expectations!

I hope everyone had a wonderful hump day! We are HALF WAY to the weekend gals! LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE CRRRRAZZZYYY!! <3


Sam said...

I loved Maid of Honor. I just got the Fiery Fiesta Kashi pilaf, I can't wait to try it.
Snow snow go away, come back again next winter.

strongandhealthy said...

Happy snow day! Love your head band! I love that movie!! Hope you have fun!

Bec said...

Love the head band and that pink bowl is gorgious... I think I need to get some pretter dishes, all of mine our plain white. As for shoes a pair of x-trainers are probably the best bet.

Trust, Hope, Believe said...

I love that headband! You look so cute in it :) the snow needs to go away!!

Jen said...

OOoo I have that Kashi pilaf in my cupboard I must try it!!!

CUTE head band!!!

I love Asics and Mizunos best for running and Nike freestyle for crosstraining

Breaking Free said...

Nike are definitely the best pair of shoes you can buy for running. I wear mine until they start falling apart, and they last for at least a year if you aren't too hard on them. They are also really durable, comfortable, and super CUTE! I just bought a new pair at Kohls, called Nike Reax. I am so in love with them! Hope this helps!

Marian's eats said...

Your blog is so cute! Super cute head band too! I'm so glad you found me! I will most definantly be reading your blog! Have a great night.
Oh! I really LOVE my nike shoes:)

Nicole said...

Ahhh you're awesome and I'm jealous! I tried ordering a headband like that from urban and it was completely gone. I waited toooo long.

Hmm sneaks.. I went to seek expert advice at the running store near me and tried on maybe 12 pairs before I wound up with a pair of adidas, that I'm pretty sure are just the newest version of my old shoes. They apparently fit my feet best.

Jaime said...

yummy eats!!!! asics are THE best running shoe and in my opinion THE ONLY running shoe-- they are just amazing! :) hope this helps xoxox

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

ah I love that movie.. patrick is such a fox, right?!

that headband is gorgeous girl, where the heck did you get it! I want one. Whitney is so adorable <3

have a good night you a ton :)!! xo

Mica said...

Mmm, Moroccan curry, hot cocoa, and chick flicks. That sounds like my kind of night!

As for shoes, I have two pairs. I got fitted for my running shoes (Brooks) and just bought some random on-sale Adidas cross-trainers for kickboxing and miscellaneous gym stuff. I think it's generally good to keep your shoes separate since running shoes are made for stability and forward motion and cross-trainers are made for lateral motion. Just my two cents though.

lesley said...

Yum, those Kashi rice pilaf packets are good!

Did you enjoy watching your romantic comedy?

Cute headband ; ) and I hope you get to enjoy some nicer weather soon, too!! ha, it'll probably get nice there and then I'll have a snow day, lol : )

Erica said...

Hi chica! Love that headband- wayyy too cute! Red pep hummus is my favorite! I just bought these and lurve them- try them on though they run a little big:

healthy ashley said...

I love your headband! I've been eying one on Etsy for a while now!

I love my Asics for running and cross-training. I think you have to test several pairs to find what's best for you. Good luck!

Summer Slim said...

sorry to hear about the snow! i'm so over the winter. i wish spring would just get here so i can go for my runs outside and start to wear some cuter clothes :)

lilveggiepatch said...

You are too cute. Did you make that? Adorable!

I wear Asics gel Kayanos which are great if you pronate or have low arches. I've had a lot of foot/leg injuries and they're partly due to the shoe!