Friday, February 6, 2009

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians.

I told you that I would make up for missing a day and do two posts in one day!

So here are the updates on my eats for today:

food 001

Lunch: Turkey, red pepper hummus, spinach, sprouts, and salsa, wrapped up in flatout wrap.

food 003

Another HUGE-O pear.

And for dinner I had something I had not had in FOREVER and I forgot how good it was:

food 006

Amy's Indian Palak Paneer. Soooo good!

I sent off my Secret Cupid package today, so I hope it makes it there with no troubles! Its all in the hands of the postal service now! I actually have a pretty funny story about shipping my package today. I go up to the line and the guy helping me is this friendly older man. I go to pay for my delivery and whip out my debit card. After he scans it he says "would you like any cash back?" I reply "no thanks", and he says back "are you sure?! its the weekend you know!" hahaha. I said "good point!" Everyone was laughing that was waiting in line, it was just not something you would expect.

So I guess you probably noticed that the site looks a tad different. I had a little trouble when i posted last time and completely messed up my entire layout!! I was literally sitting here on the computer for about an hour completely dumbfounded with no idea what to do. So I just reverted it back to a standard layout and then messed around with it a little and relized that I kinda like this better. Its simpler, but I like it better I think.

Ok gals. Im all snuggled up in my pjs and ready to just watch some more romantic comedies and hit the hay. Unfortunately Friday nights are sorta slow around here. Its so weird because everyone usually goes out on thursday or saturday, but never friday. Does anyone else have a weird night of the week in thier home towns that everyone goes out on?

I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend. Love and hugs! <3


Mica said...

That palak paneer does look good. We don't have much of Amy's-brand stuff in our crappy grocery store, so I might just have to make my own!

Enjoy your Friday night in. All my Fridays are in too!

Jaime said...

love amys indian meals! lol what a cute older man :) have a great night xo

Anonymous said...

What a cute man! Aw.

That Amy's meal looks good... I have a similar one from Ethnic Gourmet to try!

Yeah, long-distance relationships are SO HARD, as you know. But they're worth it for the little time we DO get together... and hopefully one day that'll be all the time!

Have a lovely weekend dear!

aussirish said...

heya girlie, i love the new layout :) simple but in a nice way!!
greta eats!!
have a fantastic friday night

lesley said...

I like your new layout, even if it was a mistake! ; )

Haha, don't you love those old friendly guys at the post office? The guy I go to always tries to guess what's in it ... when I was giving him my secret blogger gift he was like, "Hmmm, are there M&Ms in here?" (there aren't) ha, and I said, "no, but there is food". I don't know why but I think all old postal worker guys are funny like that.

Hope you have a great weekend, Em! : )

Bec said...

Hope you have a fanatic weekend! Both at home and at school Friday nights are usually slow but people go our on Wed/Thurs and then Saturday.

Marian's eats said...

I'm such a fan of turkey wraps. I'm actually addicted to them! Yours looks so good:) Have a wonderful weekend love!

Anonymous said...

The wrap looks delicious (minus the turkey for me) I meant to get some whole meal wraps when I went shopping and they had none in. I'm really missing them now. I'll have to stock up next week.
Love the blog layout BTW:)