Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain, Rants, and Running...

In honor of the first day of spring break (not that I am still in school...but I do sub, so that counts right?) I made up a wonderful breakfast, worthy of a saturday morning, except it was monday...and there is nothing wrong with that in my book. ;)

french toast! 001

French Toast with Blueberries and Maple Syrup

After breakfast I hit up the gym. There is a story behind this girlies. I have FALLEN in love with running, ok I have always loved running, but after running my first 10K and seeing that I could do it, I have gained confidence to really get serious about running! SO, I am starting a training program to help me run a faster 10K. I ran the first in just over an hour, so I want to aim for less than an hour next time. Anywho, today I started day one of the eight week training. I was scheduled to run 3 miles today and add some strength training as well. My workout today included:

  • 3 miles at a 10 minute mile pace, then a 5 minute cool down.
  • Series of arm workouts on the machines, 3 sets of 10 reps each.
  • 30 minutes of yoga (to stretch and cool down)

Ok, I have a question for all you runners out there. I know that it is important to not overtrain and to start out slow, but I am used to getting in more of a workout than this. Can I add another form of cardio, as long as its low impact on my legs? Or is it important to only stick with the running schedule when your training? I know when I do long runs I will only do that, and I do have days on the schedule for cross training, but when I only run 3 miles, I feel like I could still do more of a workout. So what is the protocol on that?

When I got home from the gym I fixed up a quick lunch:


I was craving peanut butter BIG TIME today! This sammie includes:

  • Mighty Maple PB (as seen hangin' in the back)
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Strawberry Preserves
  • Sliced Granny Smith Apple
  • Blueberries

And some fat free pineapple yogurt on the side:


Weird food confession: I think it is DE-LISH to dip my PB & J in my yogurt. Think its crazy?! try it!

After lunch I met the mom and little sissy to see a movie starring these boys that you may or may not be familiar with:

I must admit that I have never really been a big fan (I think I'm a little old) haha. The movie did remind me of the Beatles movies, but that kind of pissed me off. haha. I DO think the youngest one is a cutie, though. And that creeped me out a little, when I learned that he is only 17.

I came home and have been taking it easy all day! It is soooo rainy and gloomy outside that all I wanna do is stay inside with some hot tea! The only thing about staying home is that the roommate situation is growing more and more annoying with every second! All she does is pace the floor and pop a strawberry or something like that every time she gets hungry! I want to yell at her "JUST EAT SOMETHING STUPID!!". Some of you asked me if it was triggering, and it is not, just annoying. Actually it is almost the opposite of triggering, because I love coming home from the gym and eating a nice big PB & J and feeling HEALTHY and GOOD about my body, while she paces around waiting for her scheduled time to eat an apple, or like 5 shrimp. GEEZ! Also, some of you asked if she knew about my struggles and she does. actually I remained silent for a while, the whole time she made little jokes such as "Im glad im bulemic" while eating a big piece of cake, or after eating a big meal out saying "after this im going anorexic", until I finally could not take it anymore and I told her what I had gone through and that jokes like that made me very uncomfortable and offended. She stopped joking about it, but now its this! And it wouldnt be SO bad, if she would just shut the hell up about it! She wants to talk to me about it everytime Im home, and it makes me just want to leave! Right now, Im in my room with the door closed. haha. I have told her that I do not think it is healthy, but I dont think it helps. I guess I'll just have to ignore it and go about my healthy, happy lifestyle.

Sorry for the rant, I promise thats all I am going to say about it! Im off the make dinner, take a shower, and watch The City.

Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day!! I hope I have something green to wear! Anyone have plans?!


Nutritious is Delicious said...

Sorry about the roomie! Sounds UTTERLY annoying!

That breakfast is phenomenal! I may need to concoct something similar tommorrow!

I've never been a big fan of "those boys" either!

Have a lovely "spring break"!

Mica said...

Hmm...maybe add some very low-impact cross training like elliptical on the days that you run three miles. Just see how it goes. If your legs feel fatigued when you run, you'll know why and you can cut back!

lesley said...

Your new found love of running sounds like fun!! : )

Your lunch sounds really yummy and I would DEFINITELY dip my pb&j in yogurt, that would be amazing!! (I hadn't thought of it, good idea!)

Yeah, your roommate sounds VERY annoying ... at least it's not you and you get to enjoy your pb&j and yogurt all you want!! : )

Bec said...

I use my 'light' running days to focus on strength training since on my long run days I usual dont have the energy to do extra exercise.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

aw girl rant away - i can imagine how frustrating and annoying that would be! I'm sorry my love - and i hope the situation gets better :(.

I think it's wonderful you've found such a passion for running, my dear <3 It's great to have such a positive outlet to relieve stress!

have an awesome night Em-ski. love you lots! xoxo

RunningLaur said...

On the topic of running, I'd just suggest that you listen to your body. If you start to feel any pains or just generally exhausted, pull back on the mileage for a week. The 10% rule is a good one too - don't increase your weekly mileage by more than 10%.

If you're up for more cardio then go for it - I'd recommend low impact like biking, for the sake of your joints.

Can't wait to hear how it goes. You'll be addicted like the rest of us :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me that the city is on in like 3 minutes. Personally, I perfer the Hills, but I am a sucker for MTV relaity shows.
Breakfast looks great.
I am glad to hear that you are not letting your roomate bring you down. It is so inconsiderate of her, especially since she knows about your past.
Keep up the fabulous work...our schools meet in Bball on Friday.

Jaime said...

hey girl!! your eats look delish!

as far as the running question-- the answer is most definitely YES!!!
i would def do some cross training-- i think the elliptical is great because it will help strengthen your core and your legs! a strong core is essential for running because if you have a strong core you are less prone to injury!! i would do your running along with a short interval routine on the elliptical! :) hope this helps!! also- just make sure to stretch PROPERLY!! i didnt stretch well when i started running and thus i've been dealing with a hip injury for 2 months! make sure you progress slowly and steadily and not too much mileage at a quick pace too soon! hope this helps! xoxo j

sarahmegee said...

Hey girly!

Blueberries in a pb and j? That sounds stranegly fantastic!
I totally know what you mean about the running obsession. It's like a high. I'm just newly starting out but I wanna run everyday! My body is gettin' a little sore and I should probably take at leassst a day off a week as to not over train but I don't want to!
I also know what you're talking about in terms o being frustrated with crazy dieters. I'm trying to teach a co-worker how crazy diets are crazy but I'm still learning myself how to conquer my own crazy thoughts about food. That's a whole lot of crazy goin' on!
Cheers darlin,

Anonymous said...

Ha you are too funny, although 17 is legal in many states. (Is that too inappropriate for blogland? Whoops!)

PLEASE be careful!!! I was running less than 4 miles a day when I got my stress fracture. Definitely cross train and stretch and do yoga, just be careful on your bones and don't do anything high-impact too many days in a row.

Stef said...

I secretly like the Jo Bros too but I don't think I could handle all the tweens who go see their movie! Argh that roomie of yours is annoying ME and I don't even have to live with her! I would definitely want to smack her upside the head....but what can you do? Maybe you can have a "sit down talk" with her and tell her EXACTLY how you feel about what she is doing and then leave it be. If she changes, great, if least you tried!

aussirish said...

hi hun
i think its great your so in love with the running :) its awesome you enjoy it so much!!
great eats! that lunch looks sooo good!
sorry about the roomie hun, but remeber shes treating her body like crap whilst your treating yours super well :)
have a great afternoon

Anonymous said...

french toast!!! I haven't made french toast in so long but that sure looks mighty good :P

Pb&J dipped in yogurt definitely sounds interesting but delightful!

I'm working at a gift shop from 10am until 5pm. Long day! Afterward dinner with the fam =) Not too exciting for st. patty's day but oh well!!

<3much love

Amy said...

hey girl, cute post. And having a Saturday worthy breakfast on a Monday is a fabulous idea.

As for adding more to your workouts, my 10K plan has designated off days (three times a week) that I can either take off completely from running or cross-train. So I take off one day a week completely and then crosstrain the other two. I like to do the elliptical for as long as I can stand (usually 30-40 min).

What does your plan have in terms of crosstraining?

Baylee♥ said...

your roommate will realize how dumb she is for doing something so stupid to her body. sure it seems like a sure fire quick way to loose weight, but it will get yucky in the end, and once she starts eating more than the 500 calories, she'll gain it right back and realize it was a stupid idea.

i also find the youngest one a bit cute..but im also 18 :) ha, love you girl!

Megan said...

ugh, that roommate situation just sounds so ick. hate it! negativity is so toxic, and ANNOYING.

that PB sammie is looking miiiiighty fine. love it!

Emily said...

Yay spring break french toast!
I'm sorry about the roommate thing...that's just irritating! Hang in there!

Have a great night!