Thursday, May 21, 2009


So the majority of my day was spent like this:


In front of this:

sunnin 2

Hangin' by the pool in my STUNNA SHADES. Just can't beat it.

It was the perfect "Me Day". I started out with my favorite breakfast...eaten slowly and in my PJ's and in front of the computer with my beloved cup o' joe.


Oh yeah I may have had this little gem of a show playing in the background for an hour straight.

FUN FACT: My little sister is named Kelly because I begged my mom to name her that. I thought that if she was named Kelly she would grow up to be as pretty as Kelly Kapowski. ohhh the innocence of youth.

Also I would like to take this time to confess that I am breaking from the norm and saying that Slater is WAY hotter than Zach. But then again, I always go for the "tall, dark, and handsome" men. I mean cant argue too much with this hunky image:


After breakfast and a good solid hour of acid wash jeans and teased hair I headed out for a little shoppage with the momster.

I picked up a cute little sundress (to add to the collection) and a little pair of white shorts, that are OH-SO beachy. :)



Did I mention that I am going to the beach in T minus 216 hours?! (Thats 9 days for those of you who do not possess the impressive math skillzz that I do) Totally kidding, its called a calculator kids.

After tearin up the mall, my mom and realized that it was nearly 2:00! Which means we needed LUNCH! One of the only places that my mom and I can agree on for lunch is Jason's Deli. I had the "build-your-own" sandwich with turkey on whole grain and a side of fresh fruit. Sorry dears no pic!

Later in the day (after the stunnin and sunnin time) my sister and I hit the town again for more shoppin. Where did we go?! uhh TARGET...of course! She filled out an application and I browsed the bathing suits. I really think they have the best bathing suits EVER! Unfortunately I am too low on the cash flow at the moment, so they had to wait. I said a tearful goodbye and we headed on to the next stop.

I had to pick up some party favors for this little babe:

NashVegas Weekend 037

ITS THE BFF'S BIRTHDAY!! Isn't she just sooo sweet and innocent?!

What party favors did I pick up you ask? Ill give you a hint:

new years 012

We are planning on a SUPER celebration that I have been resting up and preparing for all week. I picked up one of these:

Little Black Dress Merlot. The wine of choice. Love it.

I also picked up a REAL "little black dress" to rock out tonight.



After picking up these "party favors" I went back to the familia's casa to watch this little know show:

I haven't really watched the show at all, but my family loves it. I didn't really have any opinion on who I wanted to win but I just don't think that it matter anyways...if you are in the top two you will be famous, end of story.

After that it was time to head home, get in the pjs, and wrap up the "Me Day". It turned out to be quite the success and I fell so much better now!

Today will be more laying out by the pool, working hard the RAVE, and then really ravin it up for the BFF's birthday celebration.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


ellie said...

LOVE the pool- is that at your house?! So cool...

And, wow- blast from the past. Saved By The Bell used to be one of my favorite shows- it's so funny to watch now with all the 80's fashion/hairstyles, lol.

LOVE the dresses! Enjoy the party :)

Amanda said...

saved by the bell helped define what i thought high school was going to be like. until i realized i would be going to a private all girls catholic school...

did you ever watch usa high? i LOVED that show. my favorite growing up had to be sabrina the teenage witch, though. i thought MJH was BEAUTIFUL and thought Harvey was the hottest/cutest guy ever. i had a sabrina doll, board game and books. man, it's funny to think about all the stuff we made our parents buy us when we are little. now, i just want clothes and FOOD. :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA I can't believe your sister's name story! That's so great.

Have fun tonight!

RunningLaur said...

Jealous of your life - what a great day!

Love your sisters name story too. That'll make me laugh all day.

Jenny said...

look at you livn' the high life! as you shoulder after your long week of 5th grade hell :)

p.s. thanks for the Mario Lopez eye candy - my morning has been made :)

enjoy your Thursday babe <3 love you!

Bec said...

I'm spending the day working on my tan too! Love that lbd it looks hott!

Emily said...

Sounds like such a great day...pool + shopping + friends? Yes, please!

Love the cute new of the best parts of summer is wearing cute clothes!!!

Mica said...

A day with "Saved By the Bell" definitely gets my seal of approval!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, I can only dream of sitting by a pool enjoying the sun.
I love the sundress, it's so pretty.
I remember watching Saved by the Bell. Was there a college one? I can't remember if it was under a different title.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a good day! I loved Saved by the Bell a few years back, and I definitely agree with you on the Slater vs Zack thing. That picture made my evening :p
I love the LBD - I hope you have fun tonight! We want to see photos!

janetha said...

daaang day off radtasticness!

oh SBTB, how i cherish each and every episode. those were the days!

my favorite photo of the leisure post is the LBD--the actually dress. so cute. so so cute.

and i agree, $15 suits at target beat out $90 suits at the mall 99 times out of 100 for me.

have a good time!

Anonymous said...

LOL I love the story of how you picked your sister's name...I named my little bro for equally silly reasons (name of my 1st grade husband, haha) WOW I want to veg out by the pool, invite me!! Beach too? Lucky girl! Have fun celebrating your friend's bday, she looks like a fun gal!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I'm so jealous of the pool and warm weather! I love Mario Lopez.. definitely eye candy ;) Your new clothes are gorgeous too!!! Loved this entire post!!

Brooke said...

POOL days are the absolute best!! So relaxing and beaaautiful!

Saved by the bell is tha sh!t! I'm sad that Screech grew up to a complete FREAK howeva!


Anonymous said...

haha, looks like you're doing a nice job of pampering yourself! good for you!
I LOVE that you named your cool! does your sis appreciate it? :-)

The Novice Berker said...

Hot mama by the poolside! Hubba hubba. ;)

I loveee those white shorts. Totally adorable! Have a blast with the BFF!!

Elle said...

Your dresses are so cute - I love the little black dress; it's such a great summery take on a classic.

Slater > Zach - I was never a fan of the blonde airhead..

Have a wonderful time at the party!

Much love,

Anonymous said...