Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

So the majority of the night can be summarized pretty nicely by this little hilarious video. I'm sure some of you can relate. I know I sure as hell can.

Don't you just hate those guys that won't take NO for an answer and insist on hassling you until you just have to be a straight up bitch to them to get them to leave you alone?! But yet the cute guys NEVER do that. Story of my life.

Anyway, I didn't get too many pictures because like I said before...once I get a couple of drinks I have a hard time keeping up with anything. So I usually leave my phone and my camera in the car, because I would be devastated if I lost either of those.

Here are a few though. I had a minor wardrobe change and decided on another dress. The birthday day girl and I semi-match.

brit burfday 001

Standard "getting ready pic"

brit burfday 002

Britt has an obsession with those kinds of handbands. I think they are very unique and not everyone could pull them off, but she looks great with them on :)

brit burfday 004

Full body shot. I am loving these types of dress (you can see I have another similiar one hanging in the background). Both are from the store that I work at MaxRave. They are soo comfortable and cute.

We had a really great night and danced the night away! She is still asleep and I'm updating my blog. I may or may not be a complete loser. I just can't help it, I love blogging! There I said it.

I leave you guys with this little joke. Not quite sure if it will work via writing. But I'm curious to see if it does. Ok say these three sentences OUT LOUD (its crucial to the joke that its outloud).

One smart fellow he felt smart.

Two smart fellows, they felt smart.

Three smart fellows, they all felt smart.

Im not gonna tell you the punch line YET. If it worked, you will know. If not...ask someone else to do and see if any funny results emerge. OH I HOPE IT WORKS!

Ok time for a little breakfast!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend kickoff! Anyone doing anything amazingly fun, or even just semi-fun? I have nothing planned so far.

Lots of Love <3 Ems.


Amy said...

omg, that video!! Haha, I laughed out loud when the girl let out a little "bubble" in the tub.

CUTE little black dress in your previous post! It's about that time of year to wear dresses all the time..I love it :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

itsawrapteacher said...

You guys look like divas and she is rocking the headband! I love it! Your outfit looks cute :)

Jenny said...

hahha my sean is obsessed with the jizz in my pants video - i will have to show him this one!

glad you and your girl had such a great night out - ya'll look GORGEOUS!

p.s. that joke is one of my dads FAVORITES ... so i didn't fall for it 'cause i know the punch line - but it is a good one ;)

happy friday doll, love you! xoxo

Anna said...

Your friend can totally pull off those headbands. They don't work on everyone but they look great on her!

I'm going to have to watch that video later. I'm at work and don't think that would be the best way to get to know my coworkers, most of whom are old computer science professors.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mica said...

...I don't get it! Ahhhh, punchline, please!

The Novice Berker said...

Oh my gosh, ahahaha. That video was hilarious! "As I recall, it was a Facebook site." Haha.

I think I get the punchline, but I'll wait for you to tell us the answer!

Amanda said...

i'm with you on the creepy guys that won't leave you alone. for some reason, older guys are attracted to me. like middle age to 55 y.o. older. it's a little bit weird, especially since i have times where i still feel like i'm only 17!

have a good weekend em! yay memorial day!

Bec said...

aww love the outfit, looks like a great night!

ellie said...

don't leave me without a punchline- that went right over my head! (I am blaming the British accent :P )

LOVE the pics- looks like a great night out!

Cacti Don't Cry said...

The pictures are adorable!

I did get the punchline, but it doesn't really "count" because I've heard that joke before. ;p

<3 <3

Baylee♥ said...

OMMMMMG im in love with that video! Thanks for introducing it to me!!! thats awesome!!! STUPID GUYSSS!!!

i dont get the punch line haha. :(

Meg said...

Haha that video made my day! The joke will make my day once I understand the punchline...haha I don't get it!

You & your friend look absolutely stunning! I'm so jealous she can pull of such neat headbands! I'm so glad you had such a good time!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

That video is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

"But yet the cute guys NEVER do that. Story of my life. "- I'm sorry but this is my life story! haha

Anonymous said...

haha, reading the joke I could guess at the punchline, so I made sure I said it reeeally carefully :p very funny!
You and your friend are so pretty, that shade of purple really suits you! I'm glad you guys had fun :)

janetha said...

ahahahaha i LOVE that video and i love even more than you put it up, it is so hilarious my friends and i laughed so hard the first time we saw it.

those dresses are cute. ive never heard of that store, we must not have them here.. but i bet you get a baller employee hookup so that is nice!

it's ok, i love blogging too. call me names, i don't care.

i didn't get that whole tounge twister thing at first.. but then i youtubed it. ha love technology eh?

i am going camping in moab.. it is in southern utah and there is a lot of debauchery to be had! hope you find something outrageously fun to do, i am sure you will!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it! I even googled the joke for the punchline, but it was no help. I'm so cool.

LOVEEEE that dress you have on! I'm on the hunt for a dress like that, I really like the fitted top and flowy below the waistband!

HAHAHHAHA AOMG I just about died laughing when I watched that video...the inner thigh beard or whatever they called it about the yoga funny! THank you so much for posting this, it totally made my day! And agreed, it's unfortunately always the creepers who are so persistent!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop singing that song in my head now :)

Love the photos of you and your friend and your friend really pulls off the headband.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, your hair is literally PERFECT! love it! and your cute little dress. adorable babygirllll

Anonymous said...

that video = amazing.

you gals looked stunning! [as always.]

Emily said...

Love your cute dresses! Perfect for summer!

Ok, I don't know the punchline to the joke, but we use the first 3 lines as a warm-up in theatre. Pleas share! :-)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! What shoes did you wear with it?
I just saw that there is a Rave in the mall near me. I may have to check it out for a few summer dresses.
Take care!
Hows the running going?

College Bee said...

I luh-hove your dress. I should really leave my phone and camera somewhere when I go out.. instead I just end up dropping them fourteen times a night. As long as I have good pictures the next morning :)

Anonymous said...

I totally don't get it. But that's okay ;) You are such a gorgeous girl!
<3 jess