Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Suck Internet Provider.

I'm not naming any names (for fear of some sort of big corporate reparation), but my Internet provider is slackin' as of late. Can you believe that I have not been able to connect to the Internet in TWO days. AND this is the second time this month this has happened...AND when I called them they said they didn't see that anything was wrong. WHAT THE HELL?! Come on guys, I'm paying you for this. You best be giving me what I'm paying for.

Ok enough ranting, its back now. I feel like walking on egg shells though, like any false move and I will get kicked off again.

Currently I am enjoying a lovely bowl of "banana pancake" oats. And catching up on all the blogs that I have missed the past couple of days.



I have been busting my butt with the substituting gigs lately! Monday I was a Kindergarten teacher and yesterday I was a fifth grade teacher...Friday is 1st (my favorite grade). Gotta make that money!!

Also, I have been taking every precaution to treat my knee. After a week off from running I tried it again on Monday. I ran 4 miles...came home iced it for 30, heated it for thirty, rubbed pain reliever creme on it, and wrapped it for the rest of the day. Tuesday there was NO PAIN! But, I still wanted to take it easy so I just worked out on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Today I'm going to see how it goes at the gym before deciding what workout I want to do.

Yesterday at work I purchased the cutest little shirt. I have this sort of "theme" with my outfits. If they have some sort of unique back to them I HAVE to buy them. Everyone now associates me with these types of shirts, it kinda like an "Emily staple". I just think that a womans back is one of the most sexy parts of the body. Its seductive, but not skanky. haha. Don't you agree? Here is the latest addition to the collection:


While catching up with the blogs, I was stoked to see that I had received an award from one of my FAVE bloggettes Dulcie. I was super excited about this award, because I just think its great!


The Renee Award is one of the most meaningful awards in blog world because it honors someone who is incredibly inspirational in her intelligent and witty writing. And by doing so, this award celebrates women’s smart, strong and inspirational spirit! It honors women who spread joy and love like an Acorn……a small package growing into a tall and sturdy oak tree which gives more acorns…………..

First of all let me just tell you guys that each and everyone of you inspire me by your witty and funny antics and also with your strong spirits. There is not one blog that I read that doesn't make me laugh or smile every single day. And all of the blogs that I read inspire me and add to my life from day to day. I just love every single one of you guys. So if I comment on your blog at all, just know that you are AMAZING and that I am passing this award onto you as well!


First of all Sam had asked what my drink of choice was. And I just have to say that it all depends. I really like to drink red wine at the house while I am getting ready to go out or if I am just chillin with friends in a restaurant or something. If I am out partyin' it up with friends...and trying to keep up with the boys (not that I can or anything, my boys are pretty extreme) I will take shots. My favorite shot is a yagerbomb, with sugar free red bull....because regular red bull with all that sugar mixed with alcohol just isn't a good idea for the ol' tummy. Funny time I got asked by a guy at the bar WHO WAS ORDERING THE SAME DRINK, if I was on a "diet"...I looked at him, then looked at his drink and said "No, are you?!" nice pick up line. Ok back to the drinks...if I want to just not really drink much and just sip on something I will order a vodka cranberry or a light beer. My favorite beer in Yuenling light.

Ok, now I feel like an alcoholic. Don't judge! But, I feel like knowing the appropriate drink for you and where you are and what you are doing is important. I know EXACLTY how much of each of those drinks I can drink without going over bored and keep track meticulously throughout the night. Because I have such a god "game plan" as far as drinks go, I hardly ever get hangovers or regret anything the morning after...except maybe the texts...umm...still working on that one.

Next order of business Miss Emily is running her first 5K and she needs our help! She asked me for some tips about running and I can think of a few AND I know there are others of you out there that have a few tips as well. In the next couple of days I wanna do a post of running tips. SO PLEASE E-MAIL ME SOME OF YOUR BEST TIPS FOR TRAINING OR JUST RUNNING IN GENERAL. I'm going to put them all together, along with some research and tips of my own and make a post for her...and anyone else that can benefit from the tips.

Now I'm off to the gym!

Hope everyone is having a happy HUMP day!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Amy said...

Cute top! :)

Oh I can think of lots of 5K tips! Where to start??? Eat carbs the night before the race, get a good night sleep the night before AND two nights before (two nights before is actually more important), don't wear the shirt the race hands out, but instead wear something comfortable that you know won't make you chafe. And don't forget to hydrate, get good sleep and eat well the whooole week before!

healthyontherun said...

I hate my internet provider too!! One time I wrote this really nice, long, awesome post and when I clicked submit.... my internet STOPPED working! Ugh I'm getting mad just thinking about it haha and I LOVE LOVE that top!!!!

Have a happy hump day! =)

janetha said...

glad your internet is working.. for the moment at least :) i LOVE that top, i agree, fancy backs are the way to go. way more sexy and classy than showing a bunch of cleave.

glad the knee isn't giving you too much grief!

i love reading your blog, it for sure always makes me smile!!

and what is even better is my captcha word to submit this comment is "noses"

Mica said...

Haha, I have no 5K tips because I've never run one. In fact, I'm doing MY first this weekend, ack!

Sorry about the poop-tastic internet connection. I hope the company gets their shit together soon and fixes it.

Cute top too! I've never worn anything with an interesting back. Maybe I should try it...

Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks said...

I am in love with your new shirt...SO cute!! I agree about backs..gotta show 'em off. :)

Hope your internet starts working better for you. I HATE it when I can't get on the internet!

Have a good day girl!

ellie said...

I feel your pain with the internet issue- FINALLY seem to have got mine working but it wasn't working properly for ages and irritated me beyond belief!

How do you like sub teaching? Must be fun getting to teach all different ages but I guess you never really get to know the kids well?..

I don't run so no 5K advice!

Jenny said...

oh girl i have some words to speak with your internet provider because they are depriving me of my lovelyyyy Em's comments - who are they, i'm going to give them a piece of my mind!

ah well - at least your back now and i can breath :)

love you mama <3

shelby said...

That top is SO CUTE!!!

Meg said...

Hi beautiful! I LOVE that top! So adorable. I was reading one of your posts that I missed this weekend, and if I was still a middle-schooler I'd be so jealous of your haircut back then, and ear gauges haha! Aren't you glad we both came to our senses and turned into 'girls'?! Haha! Anways, you were still absolutely beautiful!!

I hope your internet stops messing with you - that can be SO frustrating. I wish I had some running tips to give ya right now, maybe I'll dig really deep inside of my brain and think of some, and email them. I ran hurdles in track during highschool, but I honestly don't remember anything more than the obvious...haha

Have a great day!

Love, Meg

Baylee♥ said...

im not afraid to say it! charter sucks, charter sucks!! its stupid & slow!! :)

ohhh i loooove that shirt!! and i have to agree that backs are SOOOO sexy!!! :)

i hope your knee gets to feeling better!

p.s. SOOOO glad we're facebook friends now :)

Katie said...

I feel your frustration on the internet front too - our broadband signal is always cutting out, sometimes for a whole week at a time! It's quite scary how stressed out I get without internet access, doh.
The top is cute, but I think we need to see a photo of you in it :P

Jen said...

I hate flaky internet service providers that can't send out repair technicians for like DAYS. SO FRUSTRATING!! I hope your internet doesn't crap out on you again; that's totally the worst.

I loveee shirts with pretty backs. Urban Outfitters always has puh-lenty, but sometimes they dip too low, so I don't know what kind of bra to wear... Okay yeah, too much info! Haha.

Good luck with those 1st graders!!

Bec said...

that sucks about your internet! love that top though :)

Stef said...

Hahahha "are you on a diet?" ya, super classy pick up line! I LOVE that shirt, I'm such a fan of shirts/dresses with gorgeous details on the back. Totally agree, a woman's back is her best feature! Understated sexy :) How fun that you get to hop around different grades, 1st graders must be so great to work with!

EW about your internet provider, that would piss me off so much! I hope they compensate you for the shitty service!

havefaith4ever said...

Uhh, I hate computer problems. So frustrating! Love the oats-super yum! Glad to hear that the knee is feeling better and congrats on the award! Dulcie rocks!
<3 jess

Emily said...

sorry about the frustrating!

I love the new shirt. Very cute!

Hope the knee continues to feel better! My tips for running..don't do too much too soon! For the first 5k, just concentrate on having fun and don't worry about your time. I'd also pick a race with lots of always makes me run faster. :-)

Brooke (HomegirlCanEat) said...

Love the shirt girl! And why is the internet being so weird??? Mine was down after I got back from school and was on the phone with someone for an hour trying to get it back up (that's what she said)! One of my fav drinks is a vodka redbull with skyy vodka! Ah so good (: xoxoo

Sam said...

Wonderful shirt! I don't have any shirts with cool backs.
I also need some 5K advice ASAP. I guess I do have some time before.
Thanks for answering my questions. I love learning more about you!!!
What are in banana pancake oats.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

SUPER cute shirt! My internet provider is not always reliable either! Meh!
What is your favorite grade to sub for?! I would have to go with the little ones! :D

dailydulcie said...

Hi lovepie. You totally deserved the award <3

ugh sorry about the internet issues. i seriously HATE that.. so frustrating!!

i love that cute new shirt!! so trendy and stylish. loves it :]

i loved hearing about ur favorite drinks! it’s so good to know your limits!

lots of love<3

Rose 'n' Coffee said...

Internet, is just after your money. It does suck!
Hi I'm a new blogger and am loving your blog, so wanted to say hello.

ElleMigliore said...

what are banana pancake oats? i'm intrigued!! :)

Looks like you got a dose of all ages with your teaching gig!! How fun!!

That is also such a cute top! I'm obsessed with the kind that have the cute backs on them! I got a few from Express with the peek-hole-loopy back and love them!

Red wine is my drink of choice too!! kudos to wine-ohs!

sue said...