Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confusion Control

Good Saturday morning! How is everyone this morning?! Wild night last night? My night was pretty fun. One of my friends owns a vintage clothing store called Betty Janes. And they had a fashion show last night at this local club and it was sooo much fun! They got really crazy and threw out T-shirt and stuff. I totally picked up a yager shirt that my friend Brad threw out. haha. Here are some pictures from it:


The stage all set up


Theres Brad!




My friend Aaron


We were also celebrating the return of my friend Ben back to the states from his 4 month adventure back packing through South America. I just love this guy.



Josh is happy that he is home too.

OK NOW FOR THE STUFF YOU GUYS WERE WONDERING ABOUT!! I know that if you have just started reading this blog, you were probably SUPER confused by my last update. SO I will get you peeps back up to speed.

  1. Boys - A lot of you were wondering who Mike is. Well, to make a long story short Mike is a guy that I had been long-distance dating for about a year. We met when he was traveling through my town for his work. He is a motorcycle mechanic and he was traveling with a group of Motocross guys while they competed all over the U.S. He was here for about a month, we hung out everyday...he left, immediately bought a plane ticket to come back here when he was finished working, and then later I went to visit him in California. (reference here). We talked on the phone everyday and then about a month ago he just disappeared. I knew that he was going through a lot of stress with his job and some other stuff, so I just left him alone. Yeah, I was hurt because I liked him a lot. But I knew the best thing to do was just to let him do his thing and not bug him and just move on. Well, like I said...he came back into the picture about a week ago. Not sure how much he is back into my life, but I care about him so much that I know I want him to be there, even if it is just as friends. But we will see.
  2. The Interview - My phone interview for the school in Charlotte was yesterday morning. I was soooo nervous!! But I think that it went OK. I really feel like I tend to ramble on in interviews and not really get to the point of what I am trying to say. I need to work on that.
  3. Sam had asked me in a previous post to share a picture of my punk rock days. Most of my old pictures are on my old computer, but I did find one:

Thats me on the left, short black hair, gauges, and all! haha.

Sam also asked me where I grew up and where I have lived in my life. Unfortunately, there is nothing too exciting there. I was born in the place that I live now which is a small town in Tennessee and have lived here all my life. Which is one reason that I am SOOO ready for a new place and a change in my life right now!

Now its back to my favorite part of the day...oats and blogs...and COFFEE


I decided to call these my "banana pancake" oats. They have oats (of course), banana (duh!), maple syrup, and cinnamon. I wanted to make real banana pancakes, but the milk was out of date :(

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Anything fun going on for you?!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


RunningLaur said...

You look so different with dark hair - still cute cute of course!!

Jenny said...

that fashion show sounds like so much fun Em! and your friend Ben is so cute.. not as cute as you of course :)

I can't believe thats you with the dark hair! thats so awesome that your able to change your style so much - i wish i had the ballllls to .. im just plain jane :) but you are gorgeous either way!

im sure the interview went great love, they will just get easier and easier each time - be positive!

have a great day girlfriend! love youuuuuu

Anonymous said...

I have a bit of an obsession with putting banana in my porridge at the moment :P it's so good, I can't believe it took me 24 years to work this out!
The fashion show looked like fun :) you always have such good photos on your blog!

Brooke (HomegirlCanEat) said...

Where are you from in Tennessee? I went to boarding school in Chattanooga for 2 years! yaaay for your interview going well!! Have a great day girl!

Emily said...

Ahhh! I feel lost after not reading blogs since Thurs! Thanks for the update. I hope things go well with Mike. :-)

I'm glad the interview went well, and I hope you get the job!!!

Baylee♥ said...

Hello beautiful!! (i like the blonde hair better, by the way!!)

ohh wowzers, sounds like a crazy boy situation. i think you did the right thing in the first place though - with just letting it go. sometimes, thats just the best thing to do, even though it hurts. whats meant to be will always find a way, right?

i AM kind of sad to hear that lucas is out of the picture though - he was quite the cutie...but i know how difficult it would be to try to make things work while he's away at school during the summer.

So, hopefully, things will work out with mike! You BETTER keep us updated girl!

Im sure you did fantastic on your interview - im the same way though, i feel like i keep blabbing on and on and on, and can never quite find the right words to say what im trying to say...& then after i get done, i realize about 12000 things that i should've said instead. you girl!!!

curlytop said...


Thata fashion show lookes awesome. What fun!

I'm sure your interview went well! You are such a likable girl. :P

With love,


Anonymous said...

Wonderful oatmeal! Sounds fabulous :) Glad you had fun!
<3 jess

Mica said...

Whoa, punk rock Emily! I bet you still had an enviable bum in those days!

Stef said...

mmmm banana pancake oats! Cool fashion show, you have some fun friends! I hope the job pulls through, I'm sure you gave a great interview! I can't believe you were in SF just a few months ago, really! Maybe we were at the same place at the same time..*gasp* haha well the next time you come out to CA we should meet up! You totally pull off the punk rawk phase...cute as always! Sorry Mike has been a source of confusion/hurt lately, I hope he resolves whatever is going on in his life and treats you fairly!

ellie said...

the fashion show sounds/looks great!

That must be really hard about Mike- long distance relationships aren't easy and I can only imagine how hard it was for him to disappear like that... I hope the two of you can work something out because it sounds like he is really special to you.

am keeping my fingers crossed about your interview!