Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Me Day"

Good Morning Loves! I am so sorry that I have neglected my blogging duties. Juggling two jobs is TOUGH! With substitute teaching and Rave combined I will work 45 hours this week! Yesterday was the busiest day so far. I subbed in the morning until 330, went to tan, went into Rave at 5 and didn't get to leave there until MIDNIGHT! Whew!! I decided that today was going to be a "Me Day". I need the break for sure!

Fun activities that I have included for today you ask?

  • Farmers Market with the Moms...first time of the season :)
  • Target Trip
  • Fun run with the sissy
  • Breaking out the new sundress that I have not had a chance to wear yet...Its gonna be sunny and 80 today!

Oh yeah...and did I mention the best thing of all?!

fooooood 009


I took a picture of my "desk lunch" yesterday too. I just think its too funny to pass up. I really do not feel like I'm old enough to be a "teacher", I honestly still feel like I'm that a bad thing?! I just don't think that I will ever really grow up. But I think thats OK, I think everyone should be that way. People that take themselves too seriously are a bore! And I think teaching is the perfect profession to get in touch with your inner kid!

fooooood 010

  • Hummus Sandwich on Honey Wheat with hummus, spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
  • A few pretzels...that I end up putting inside the sandwich
  • Cheddar rice cakes
  • Glamour Magazine :)

And a HUGE thanks to my girl Jenn for entertaining me via text while I had the dreaded 5TH GRADERS yesterday. I love ya for it dear and I hope your knee gets better!! You better be icing that thing like crrrazzzy!

I have some infomercials on in the background and for some reason now I REALLY need one of these:

I seriously may look for this during my outings today. We have "as seen on TV" store here, so there may be a chance! With all my crazy back shirts, I could put it to good use.

Ok kiddos, I'm off to start my "Me Day". I leave you with this little blast from the past that I found on my computer while cleaning up my pictures. It is me at Disney World in 2006. Check out the Punk Rock Hair cut...that me on the left. It was SUPER short in the back and BRIGHT RED! Ohhh I was quite the rebel!


And here is me and the sissy from Disney the same year. I love this picture. Kelly's face just says it all. It was about 105 degrees and we were crammed in a hot bus rubbed up against sweaty strangers.


Hope everyone is having a HAPPY HUMP DAY!

Lots of Love <3 Ems.


Amanda said...

hey em! i'm a reader turned blogger who has been creeping on you--errr...i mean reading your blog for a long time now and thus thinking you are adorable!

i gotta say i love the old hairstyle--when i was around that age i so wanted to dye my tips pink. catholic school uniforms and my mother prevented me from doing so. i did instead sport a rocker bob with long wispy, bangs.

also, good call on the farmer's market. i can't wait to go to my first one of the season!

have a good me day! you deserve it!

The Novice Berker said...

Eek, take it easy on your Me-Day, for sure. Work sounds hectic as hell, but I'm glad you have a blast with the kids!

And you were majorly badass back then!! HAHA. ;)

ellie said...

45 hours a week?! Oy. Hope you enjoy your day off- rock the sundress, enjoy the farmers market and catch up on SLEEP! :D

I need one of those bra-strap things... I used to have a bra where the straps could be switched 4 different ways but I can't find it this summer (not that it gets above 55 degrees here...lame!)

Karen said...
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Karen said...

sweaty strangers -_______- how lovely lol just kidden :p

all your hard work will pay off :)

i cant wait to become a teacher; im only 18 so this is my first year in college do you recommend any classes?

Amy said...

45 hours a week is tough! Enjoy YOUR day!!! :) :) :)

I understand feeling like a kid! I only just turned 22 days before I graduated college and still feel really young!!

Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks said...

Yay for a "me" day! Enjoy it to the fullest, girl!

Love the blast from the past pics! You hair is cute!

Baylee♥ said...

Looooove the punk rocker phase babahahah. Ohhh the things we think are cool sometimes. All i can do is look back and laugh lol.

YOU DESERVE a me day girly girl! You must be exhausted!!!!

Enjoy it!

Love you

Emma said...

Have a wonderful you day! It sounds like you deserve it!

I never had a punk hair cut, but I was all over unnatural colors - purple! Diggin' the old pics.

Now, go have some fun!

Mica said...

What a coincidence! I just saw that bra strap thing at the store today and thought it was odd.

I am so jealous that you can pull off a punk-rock haircut. What a badass!

Anna said...

Oh, 5th graders. Now there's a group of children that I try very hard to avoid. Best of luck to you for dealing with them!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, another old haircut! I love the red, it really suits you. A few years ago my hair was green, briefly :p
I hope you have a lovely relaxing day off, it sounds like it is well deserved!

janetha said...

dang two jobs! staying busy, makin the money i guess. enjoy your day off for YOOOUU! and no worries, i feel like i am 17 and i will be 26 in like ten days. growing up is for the birds. tweet.

have a good one girl!

Brooke said...

ahaha I love the red hair! Me and my bff went through the rebel stage too. We would wear those chunky colorful plastic bracelets up to our elbows and WAY TO MUCH BLACK EYELINER!

YAAAAAYYY for nice weather and sun dresses! Good weather seriously changes any bad mood!

Love ya shawty!

Anonymous said...

Wow cool haircut. I used to want red hair like Claire Danes from "My so Called Life"

Enjoy the me day, you deserve it.

Jaime said...

love the blast from the past pic! :) funny how much we all change over time!!

i have a lot of bras that are convertible into racer back-- definitely helps not to have those straps showin-- but at the end of the day if they do it doesnt matter to me hehe :) ive seen ads for that strap thing though -looks cool! let us know what you think!!

glad you are lovin teaching ! i'm sure you are great at it!! xoxo

Cacti Don't Cry said...

Ooooh a "me" day -- that includes Target!! Sounds fun ;)

Don't stress about still feeling 18... I also feel like I'm a lot younger than I actually am. (Except for when I feel a lot older, but whatever!)

<3 <3

Emily said...

You totally deserve a "me" day after all that craziness! Hope it was wonderful.

I definitely don't feel like a grown up yet, either. And you're right, teaching is a great way to stay young!

Eat, Live, Love said...

I saw those bra things and wanted to get some! I can't stand when my straps show, and strapless bras just look way weird on me!

Anonymous said...

Yay for me days!! I hope you had a fantastic day.. you deserve it after working so much!

Anonymous said...

o my gosh good idea..i see that strap perfect all the time at our mall, and even CVS ha! i didnt even THINK to buy it,,,def am now. AFTER your review that is of course :)

Anonymous said...

The farmers market? Jealous...I think you look really cute with that hair! Have an amazing day gorgeous.
<3 jess

Anonymous said...

45 hours?! You poor girl!!!

I love your hair! You're so lucky... you can rock it at all different lengths and colors and still look fabulous.

Bec said...

wow what a crazy day you definitely deserve some Em time!

Anonymous said...