Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a Pain in the @$$!!

Well, its official. Not two minutes after I had taken the test, the nurse peaked her head into the freezing cold run that I was sitting in and whispered the words "positive for....





Why me?!

I of course being the "let's take the quickest way possible out of things" opted for the shot. I'm not sure at what point I regretted my decision the most...the point where the oh-so-flamboyant male nurse told me that he passed out from the same shot just last week, the point where he told me that now I had to lay down there for 10 minutes to make sure there were not "bad reactions", or the point where I could barely walk out of the doctor's office and starting bawling/laughing from the pain/tickling in my butt when I sat down in my car.

Now I am armed with my PJ's, a bottle of Advil, and two movies rented from "the red box" (how cool is that thing?!).

Twilight has successfully been onto The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I am usually so A.D.D. that I can never sit still long enough to watch a whole movie. When I'm sick (and usually only when it has been confirmed by a doctor), will I allow myself to "chill out" and sit still. Tonight is that kinda night.

Of course I did substitute today...and I already committed myself to subbing for the same teacher tomorrow and Friday because she broke her foot yesterday. I'm hoping that the shot will kick in and I will feel better by tomorrow.

Oh yeah! One more thing...Just check out this drawing that I received today...from a first grader who said I was "hott".

gotta love it.

And also a boy update. Mike called last night while I asleep...of course I woke up to talk to him. I have talked to him in 10 days because he has been in Costa Rica camped out in a tree house in the jungle with his friends. Yes. He is THAT kind of guy. Why I think he would ever settle down is beyond me. I had been waiting for him to call and was happy that he did. But we will see about that one. I think it may be a lost cause. (for those of you who do not know the "Mike" story check here.)

Alright kiddos, just thought I would fill everyone in on my very eventful series of events today. Back to some Brad Pitt and NyQuil to lull me off to sleep. Its bright and early again tomorrow!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Anonymous said...

Ew strep! I hope you feel better soon girl!!!

haha don't you just love it when little kids hit on you, I find it hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Feel better!!! <3

itsawrapteacher said...

Strep throat is the worse and you definitely deserve some TLC. Feel better and stay away from those little kids you cougar! Grrr..

janetha said...

oh no! i feel your pain. get well soon girl! that drawing is so adorable, it's a keeper!

Jenny said...

aw get well soon pretty girl! Strep is the worst :( I def. foresee some nice warm bowls of oats in your future!

p.s. stop tempting younger men you beautiful little cougar ;) <3

love you Em!

Amy said...

Oh no! Poor thing! I'm hoping for a fast recovery!

Aw, that little kid is so cute. He's going to be such a little playboy someday.

Anonymous said...

ARGH. Strep is TERRIBLE. And that shot sounds like a nightmare!! Definitely give yourself a night of R&R and chill out. Movies and PJs are a match made in heaven. :)

Kids are hilarious! At least they're honest when they see a hot chick! ;)

Baylee♥ said...

ohhh girly i hope you start feeling better!!

what are you teaching those little boys?! they're probably not even listening to what you're saying...just drooling all over :)
kinda makes you wish you were 6 years old again, huh!?

ohhh boys, boys, boys. will they ever learn. NOPE. they wont.

Bec said...

feel better soon girly!

Cacti Don't Cry said...

Sorry you're sick, I hope you feel better soon!!

That drawing from that kid is just too cute. ;) But kids are always brutally honest, so if he says it, it's true! :)

<3 <3

Mica said...

Bummer about the strep! I hope you feel better soon.(I had no idea that there was a shot option. Whoa.)
If you need one reason to get better, do it for your child fan club!

ellie said...

Hope you feel better soon! I've never had strep but have heard it's horrible... :( That is such a cute picture from your student!

Anonymous said...

blah strep suuckksss rest up boo!
i love that pic, kids are such gems :)

xo have a wonderful day

Brooke said...

I like you pretty girl! ahahaha that's so adorable!
I am sorry about the strepnasty! But SUCH a good excuse to drink smoothies and eat froyo in bed..while watching movies!! yiiippeeeee!! Feel better my lova <3


Anonymous said...

Feel better love! And I love that little card from the kid. Adorable!
<3 jess

Stef said...

What's the "red box?"

AHH no way! Step SUCKS so badly! But I didn't even know there was a shot for it..I've always had to do the pills for hella days after that shitty diagnosis! Guess I haven't had it in a while, pills sound pretty old school (knock on wood!)

That picture is TOO funny! I bet you're a hit with all the kids. Gotta love the hilarious people drawings too....I'm 99.5% sure you don't have an orange oompa loompa face and a unibrow, but hey, maybe you're just REALLY photogenic ;)

Hope tree-sitter Mike situation gets resolved so you can either be happy to be involved with him or send him on his way while you move on with your life!

Feel better soon!

Anna said...

Awww, I'm so sorry you feel so awful. Take it easy and spend plenty of time with whatever the red box has for you to enjoy - I love those things!

That little boy is too cute. Only 7 years old and he's got some pretty decent moves.

Anonymous said...

Ugh sorry about the strep, baby girl! I'm sure you have that throaty Smelly Cat voice, though.