Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, Im finally back from my trip to CALIFORNIA! Above is a picture of me doing cart wheels on the beach, you just cant go to the beach without doing cart wheels! haha. it was alot of fun and Mike was a great host! We went to L.A., Hollywood, and San Francisco, so I got to see ALOT!! No celebrities, though. :(
I also think that during the time that I was gone i forgot how to use a computer because I have tried several times to make a post about my trip and it just has not worked! Im getting very frustrated!! So, I did have a ton of pictures on here to show you, but now Im a little pressed for time, so here are just a few...ill probably post more later

The Golden Gate Bridge

A Robot Man at the Fisherman's Warf

Venice Beach

Mike and I in San Francisco...isnt he cute?!

Mike and I on the beach

Ok, thats it for now...I have a ton more, so I will definately post some later. Right now I am about to head out the door to finish up my christmas shopping in Asheville, sc.
Talk to you soon!


Erica said...

Hey girl! So glad you're back and that you had a good time on your trip. My family use to live San Fran and I love the city. The sidewalk performers are so cool and I use to love going to see the Sea Lions. You guys make such a cute couple- great pics!