Sunday, May 31, 2009

Greetings from Charleston!

Hello my dears. I am just sitting here in the condo chilling out after a VERY active day on the beach!

I woke up bright and early and walked out to the balcony to this lovely site:

beach 09 003

beach 09 004

I threw on my tennys and headed out for a nice run. We are staying in a gated community with a great running trial, so I couldn't wait to hit it up. The whole path is shaded with trees too, so it didn't get too hot. I ran from out condo to the end of the community and back. When I got back I hit up map my run and found out it was an even 4 miles.

When I got back to the condo I fixed up some breakfast. Here is the problem though, guys. It is REALLY hard to eat the foods that I like when I am with my family. Most of the food they like is not the healthiest, I had to get my own loaf of wheat bread for sandwiches, if that gives you any ideas. I want to just enjoy my vacation and not have to worry about it too much. I am trying to make the healthiest choices that I can, though. What would you guys do?

Anyway here is what I managed to rustle up for a healthy breakfast:

beach09 002

All-Bran Flakes, Skim Milk, 1/2 Banana, and Blueberries.

After breakfast we hit the beach for some wave riding, tanning, and swimming

beach09 003


beach09 005

We came back up around 1 to break for lunch. The best thing I could get was a turkey sandwich on wheat bread and an apple. It was sad, so I didn't take a picture.

Then back to the beach! It was sooo much fun. We stayed in the ocean and tried to ride the waves with the boogy boards. At one point I got dragged completely under and when I came back up my boob was TOTALLY out of my bathing suit. I'm not sure if anyone saw or not. OH WELL!

After that we came back up and spent wayyy too long getting ready. My sister and I got pretty and went down to Charleston for a while.

beach09 008

But not before watching the sunset:

beach09 007

Now its time for bed so it can start all over again tomorrow. Today was only day 1 peeps!

Prepare for WAY more pics! Sorry if I'm absent from commenting a lot this week. I have been living it up on the beach all day and haven't had too much time on the computer. I DO miss you guys though!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems


Brooke said...

I went to Texas with my friend's family over Easter and it was soo awkward trying to eat healthfully! Everything had some creamsauce on it or was from a can! But at least you found some good options!

hahaha about the nipslip! Happens to me EVERYTIME I dive in the pool! The other day I tried to adjust myself and I came out with my top inside out! oops!

Have fun darling!

Bec said...

Sounds like fun! My family eats way healthy so its easy at home but my moms family not so much. It can be awkward at family gatherings when they are eating KFC and we scrambling to find something to eat, but we try our best to get something to eat and eat what we want when we get home.

Mica said...

Looks like an awesome time at the beach! I'm jealous that it's warm enough for you to go in the water...even if sometimes you come back out flashing one of your boobs, hahaha. (I'm laughing because that has TOTALLY happened to me too. Awkward.)

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

RunningLaur said...

Looks fantastic! The faincr and I are talking about moving to Charleston, and the pretty pictures makes me want to do it even more.

As for family eating, I try to travel with a bunch of my own travel food - like clif bars - so I know I have something to fall back on. You can do it, and have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look so GORGEOUS! What a beautiful, scenic beach. Enjoy your time in the sun! :)

Augh, sorry to hear about the difficulties about eating healthy with the fam. I'd just try to do your best, do some of your own grocery shopping while you're there, and try not to think about it too much. You're on vacation, so enjoy it while it lasts. You'll be home soon enough and be able to return to the usual healthy eats then!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about commenting, just concentrate on relaxing and having fun! Your pictures are beautiful :) I hope the food situation improves - just do the best you can, no one can ask any more of you. Buying your own food is a good idea. I live at home and I still buy and cook all my own food because of my intolerances and stuff, so I guess I'm used to it. Good luck!!

Erica said...

yayyyyy so glad you're having fun! It was a beautiful day yesterday! Hot but not humid!

Emily said...

Glad it's been a fun time so far! It's hard when your fam isn't so healthy, but just do the best you can...remember, it is a vacation! :-)

Enjoy the beach!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo I'm so jealous, lucky, lucky you.

Cacti Don't Cry said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures -- I hope you're having an amazing time!!

I know what you mean about it being hard to find healthy food when you're with people who are ultra-"refined" ... it's like that when I travel with my family, too. But it's okay not to be "perfect" all the time!

<3 <3

Anna said...

I am so envious of the fact that you're at the beach. Enjoy lots of that sand and sun for those of us who are sadly landlocked!

I have a hard time eating my family's food as well. Try your best to eat the way you want, and remember that this is only temporary. It's so strange that we have to argue our way to veggies and whole wheat bread when our parents are the ones who used to force us to finish all of our broccolli!

Amy said...

Haha, the bathing suit incident TOTALLY happened to me in Florida one time. My sister saw it though and told me. Yikes.

I am soooo jealous you are on a beach right now in Charleston, the cutest city EVER. Have SO MUCH FUN!!!

ellie said...

what GREAT views! looks gorgeous- glad you are enjoying it :)

My family eat differently from me too- I try and just go with the flow a bit... I don't eat the things I *hate*, but I am more flexible and eat the things I like, even if I wouldn't usually choose life and all that. Just have fun!

janetha said...

WOW what a view! so gorgeous! i know what you mean about trying to eat healthy around the fam. i usually just end up getting my own stuff. ahahaha the boob incident! that happened to me in mexico. no shame :) jealous of the beach time you are getting in! have fun!!!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

That sandwich looks fab... I wish I could hit up Gucci on the regular too :)