Friday, May 29, 2009

Hilarious Happenings

Before I get to anything I just HAVE to share with you all of the hilarious things that I have seen over the past few days.

Ok, so its like two things really, but trust me they are GOOD!

The other day I was driving along, on my way to tan it up at the tanning bed and I get behind a car at a red light. Now, this is nooo ordinary car. The owner must be one hell of a creative mind...


Settle for having no rear-view mirror?! NO WAY! This guy just uses his GENIUS to tape a CD to fill in the space. Hey, its reflective right?! Wow this guy is smart. I just HAD to snap a pic of this.

Second thing, I was rummaging through the art teacher's marker stash yesterday. Mainly because I freakin LOVE markers...especially the ones that are "special" colors. You know the ones. Anyways I stumbled upon these markers mixed in amongst the others...

Thats right...a whole pack of markers filled with different color skin tones and labeled "multicultural". And just look at how happy those kids are on the box. FINALLY they have a marker to represent them!

Yesterday was my last day filling in for the art teacher. That was truly a blessing to have gotten that opportunity. It started out just randomly subbing for her for ONE DAY and turned into a THREE WEEK job! I am so glad that I got to do it. All of the kids were amazing and the other teachers and administrators were so nice! I even made a little BFF while I was there. And received this from him yesterday:

In case you can't read "3rd grader" it says "I will miss you when summer break starts and when I'm at Cherokee." Before he made it he asked what my favorite color was and I said purple. How cute is that?!

My vacation officially started last night when I got off work at Rave at 930. I clocked in 41.5 hours in FOUR DAYS! Needless to say, I think I pretty much died when I came home last night. I crashed in my bed at 1030! I woke up this morning pretty early. Damn you body clock! But, since I did go to bed so early I figured I still got some good sleep. Here are my "I Spy" oats. Notice its still early, but a little more decent :)


What else can you "spy" in the picture?!

Tomorrow I am hittin the road to go to Charleston for a whole week. Let me tell you...I am PUMPED!! I can't wait for the beach!

We are leaving early tomorrow morning and then tomorrow night I have a 5K on the beach! I have not done too much running on the beach, so hopefully I will do OK! Wish me luck!

Since I have basically been a non-stop work machine all week I have TONS to get finished up today for the vacation. Here is my list so far:

  • Clean out my car (It is a MESS)
  • Go to the grocery store for snack foods for the drive.
  • Do my nails and toes. (a MUST for the beach)
  • Hair Appointment
  • Tanning Bed
  • Run
  • PACK!

Im sure there is more. WOW I gotta get started!

Hope everyone is kickin their weekend off right!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Amy said...

Enjoy your vacation because you DESERVE IT, oh my goodness. Those third-graders make ME tired just reading about them!

btw, those photos ARE hilarious, you were right. A CD, really?!? Awesome.

Jenny said...

buahahah i am DYING about those multicultural markers.. i have to find those - i always struggle with coloring the skin tones - especially in my disney princess coloring book where jasmine is totally darker than ariel !!

enjoy your day darrrrrrling and woo woo for VACATION ! can't wait for pics :)

love you tons beautiful!

Molls said...

oh my gosh those crayons are great! I can't believe it took them this long to come out with it!

and is that guy seriously serious!

have a fun vaca!

Amanda said...

i used to have a set of multicultural people crayons! there were like 20 different kinds. i never used them though because they were so pretty in their packaging! i think my mom still has them...

ellie said...

I burst out laughing at the CD mirror and those Crayola's are great! GO PC Crayola!

have a great vacation- you've earned it, Em!

The Novice Berker said...

Wowww, those multicultural markers are kind of awesome!! I totally remember drawing self-portraits in like the 1st grade and not knowing which marker to choose for my skin. How neat!

Good luck at your 5K and HAVE FUN in Charleston!!

Bec said...

that card is so precious! good luck with the 5 km and enjoy your time on the beach!

Anonymous said...

omg multicultural marker pens?! That's brilliant!! I really hope you enjoy your holiday, you've worked so hard lately you totally deserve it :) oh, and good luck with the 5K on the beach, are you feeling any less nervous about it now?

Anonymous said...

Great markers and great photos.
Enjoy your holiday and your time at the beach.

janetha said...

i am laughing my ass off at the markers. that is hilarrrious! dude you are a workaholic, good thing you gots some time off! and what a freaking sweet little man tyler is! he is going to be the mac some day. have fun with your plans.. oh and i am sure glad i know what to do now next time i am stuck without a sideview mirror! xoxo

ps cute layout :)

Anonymous said...

OMG haha those multi-cultural markers are HILARIOUS. And that rear view mirror!? Some people are craaazy..

Little kids are the cutest things in the entire world.. sometimes I can't stand kids but sometimes theyre so cute!!

HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND.. I can't wait for the recap!!

Anonymous said...

What a doofus! That's so funny.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation! You totally deserve it. I LOVE MARKERS too! Hehe, that's just too cute about the little boy :)
Yummy oats!!
<3 jess