Friday, April 3, 2009

Sushi Lover's Heaven

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I woke up yesterday to go take the GRE (graduate exam). It lasted for 4 HOURS and they were freakin' hardcore! They made me take off my hoodie, spit out my gum, and they even said they had a take a "digital picture" to prove that it was me taking the test. Geez. I think I did pretty good though...and now I can start thinking about applying to some Grad schools.

Lunch yesterday was delicious:


  • Italian Herb Flat-Out Wrap
  • Garlic and Artichoke Hummus
  • Turkey Slices
  • Loads of Spinach
  • Salsa
  • White Wine Mustard
  • Quacker Cheddar Mini-Rice Cakes

I just love the mini rice cakes as substitutes for chips. They are so much better...and only 60 calories for 11!! So that means I can eat like 300, right?!

Last night I also worked my last training shift at stir-fry. For the last night of training they always want you back in the kitchen helping to prep the food. This was sooo much fun! Can you imagine?! I got to see all the yummy food and how it was made...and even got to sample some of it :). The manager was quizzing me on what some of the food was, and I may not have known all the food, but I knocked her socks off on the sushi. There was a big tray of like 10 rolls, and I named off all of them like that. Sushi is my favorite food, of course I know about it :) It was a sushi lovers heaven <333

I didn't get off work in time to go see the movie that Lucas and I had planned to see, but he did come over and we are planning to see the movie tonight instead :). We are going to see I Love You, Man. Which I have heard mixed reviews on, so we will see. I just hope its not one of those awkward funny movies that you feel uncomfortable seeing with a guy. you know what I mean? Has anyone seen it yet?

In other random news the past three mornings, for no apparent reason I have woken up singing the theme song for "salute your shorts." Anyone remember that show?

Gotta love 90s Nickelodeon. Am I right?!

Currently, I am enjoying a nice big cup of coffee and contemplating what to have for breakfast. It may just be some toast with cottage cheese...I'm pushing that 130 years. haha.

Oh yes, and you just KNOW I have pool night pics to share.



Grant snapped this picture because he said that all I did all night was text. I think some of it was checking blogs, though. hehe


We lost...we were sad.


Alright girlies, time for brekkie! I hope everyone has a great start to the weekend...I have work at the ol' Rave and then a cute baseball player is picking me up for date #2 ;)

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

whoa whoa whoa girlie goo - im so confused.. where do u live?! It's saturday there?? its friday morning in CT! weirdddddd

adorable pool night pics, as always - have a great day doll! love you <3 xo

emilydh211 said...

Oh my gosh Jenn! I think I'm losing it! It is Friday here...I'm just crazy. haha. I fixed it though. WOW.

Mica said...

Ugh, the GRE. Congratulations on getting through that giant mind-f*ck. I hate all the mind games they play on it. ("Are you sure you want to see your scores?")

Ooh, that sushi job sounds awesome. I'm pretty bad with identifying rolls, unless it's cucumber.

Baylee♥ said...

DAMN you for making me listen to that song!! It will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now. ohh, joy.

I dont blame you for getting your days mixed up - my days just seem to roll together anymore. If the date didnt automatically come up on my blogs, i think i would declare today a tuesday. blah

glad to hear things are going well at work :)

Jaime said...

omg salute your shorts! hahahaha
yay for the sushi place :) that sounds awesome!
omg for the GMAT i had to be finger scanned as well as a pic and signature thing.. they are nuts. hahah

Victoria said...

Hahaha. I used to LOVE Salute Your Shorts.Way to be a rockstar with the sushi!

Bec said...

Wow that one intense test!

VeggieGirl said...

Thank goodness you made it through the exam!!

Salute Your Shorts!!! Major nostalgia alert :-)

Anonymous said...

Camp Anawana (spelling?)!! I used to have the biggest crush on Buttnik, do not ask me why. Remember Hey Dude?

OMG I can't believe you took the GREs... congrats! Definitely hardcore. I'm going to put that off for another year or two...

Anonymous said...

Wow that exam sounds tough, congrats for getting it over and done with!

Elle said...

First of all, hooray for getting through the GRE! One of my closest friends recently took it and she said it was really challenging, so kudos to you.

I LOVE Salute Your Shorts! Omigosh, I find myself randomly singing the theme song to it and to "Hey, Dude!" at the STRANGEST times for no reason whatsoever. I'm strangely excited for when those shows come out on DVD; I loved Nickelodeon when I was little but rarely watched it (woo hoo, growing up without cable...)

The sushi job sounds wonderful, I'm so jealous. One thing I definitely want to do this summer is learn how to roll is by FAR my favorite food. Do you have any interest in going to Japan someday, or are you just a fan of the food?

Anonymous said...

way to rock the sushi gig!
and im about to go embark on some cottage cheese!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Salute Your Shorts ALL of the time.
Love the pictures! I love your top.
I am glad to hear the new job is going well.
And can't wait to hear about the dates.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

happy friday :)

wow - they are super strict for that exam!!
great wrap - sounds delicious

lesley said...

Way to go! I wish I could come get sushi from you!

Stef said...

Love that top! Those GRE proctors sound die-hard! Digital pics? Intense. Way to go with the sushi quiz! Awesome when your food love pays off right? Woo hoo date #2!

Emily said...

Glad to hear the GRE went well!

Sounds like you had a fun night at work (and impressed your manager)!

Love the pool pics..and hope your date was fun. :-)

Thanks so much for the congrats, you are too sweet, Em!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you finished you last shift of training and got to help in the kitchen with preparing the food. You really must be a SUSHI PRO to be able to identify all those rolls.. glad you knocked their socks off with that!

Your wrap looks FAB! Mmm.. what a wonderful combo of flavahss.

Hope you had a great day with the baseball player!!

<3much love,

Anonymous said...

sushi? yum! love them, too! which is your fav? I like spicy salmon!