Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Be-a-u-tiful Day

I did it again! Another spelling lesson for everyone, that is how I have to say "beautiful" when I am trying to spell it. I think I must have slept through English in elementary school, not quite sure.

However, as the title suggests, it is another FREAKIN' GORGEUOUS day today. I may just have to break out the shorts.....or umm maybe get tan first THEN break out the shorts...yeah that sounds like a better idea.

Although today pretty, its already promising to be pretty darn hectic again as well. I HAVE to go to the hospital to see Jenie's new baby. I woke up this morning and had a text from her saying that he was born around midnight last night, and I could not be more excited to welcome the new little man into the world!

I have been trying to take it a little easy on the running this week, because my knees have been hurting a little. Nothing too bad, but I def. don't want to push it. I have been icing them and going on short runs, or just working out on the eliptical. But I do have exciting running news! On May 30th (when we are due to go to the beach in Charleston) I signed up for a 5K right on the beach! I was searching for a race that I could do while I was down there and that is the only thing going on the week. I have never ran a 5K, and honestly I'm kind of intimidated. Sure, I can run at a steady pace for a long distance, but at a fast pace in a short distance?! Im not sure. But, if nothing else, it should be really fun. Its right on the beach and it is in the evening. I also have something else exciting planned during my beach trip...but I'm gonna keep it a SURPRISE! haha.

This morning for breakfast I had some Honey Greek yogurt, with half a banana, some strawberries, and some All Bran Flakes mixed in...oh yeah and a few raisins, too.


This was nice and refreshing for the warm weather that we have been having. Did I mention that I am LOVING the sunshine?!!?

For lunch, I decided to mix it up a bit and NOT have a wrap. Instead I made a sandwich...I know, I know...big stretch right?!




  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Red Pepper Hummus
  • Deli Sliced Turkey
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Spicy Mustard

Now its time for a quick 3-mile run (outside, of course) a shower, and work. Busy, Busy Day! I do have some pretty big updates in the personal life area of Em. But, I think that will have to wait for when I have more time ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturdays and soaking up the sun!

Lots of Love, <3 Ems.


Meg said...

Ahh I'm LOVING the gorgeous weather too! I'm so ready for some beach/pool time! That's AWESOME you're going to do a 5k on the beach! What a perfect place to run and soak up the sun at the same time, ya know? I hope your knees feel tons better by then, but I'm sure they will since you're taking it easy on em.

Enjoy your run and the rest of this glorrriouss day!


p.s. I can't wait for the suprise - I love surprises! Haha!

lesley said...

I hear ya, Em, I am completely loving this WONDERFUL weather, too!! It's great!!!

Haha, and I had to laugh about the be-a-u-tiful because I do the exact same thing!! : )

Bec said...

Love the sandwich!

Anonymous said...

Yay for a beautiful day! That's so cool! Awesome sandwich girl, have a great day!
<3 jess :)

Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks said...

I would LOVE to do a 5k on the beach!! What better place to run than on the beach?! I'm sure you will do great!

I am a bit jealous of your gorgeous weather because today it is quite cold outside here and storms are in the forecast. Meh.

Have a great run!

Amy said...

Oh, Charleston is freakin' gorgeous. I went there on vaca last year.

You'll do just fine in a 5K! Really, the only thing to worry about is not going out too fast in the first mile. Some people take off in a sprint, and that's just not necessary! Taking the first mile relaxed and then picking it up as you feel comfortable and ready is really the best way to do it. :)

Jenny said...

glad the weather is being kind to you babe.. i am lovin' this weather! glad your taking it easy with the running, love.. i don't wanna see my Em hurt! Especially when you've got a beachside 5K coming up! That sounds AWESOME!

have a good night beautiful girl

Baylee♥ said...

Gahhh! so jealous of your 5k/charleston trip!!! sorry to hear about your phone (although im going to have to keep that rice trick in mind..i am ALWAYS so paranoid about dropping my phone in the toilet!!!)..but glad you got a new one :)

HOPEFULLY...when you get that teaching job, you teach the kids the normal way to spell beautiful :) haha, when i was in preschool, my friend allen couldnt figure out how to write his name, so to help him, i taught him how to write my he ALWAYS wrote my name on his papers. hahahaha!! it was quite a mess.

hopefully this beautiful weather sticks around this time!!!! love you girl!!

Timothy Low said...

Haha .. Another B.E.A.U-tiful day. That's like from one of Jim Carrey's movie right? My first visit to your blog ... nice.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

I am loving the weather enjoyable! Oh and I do the same thing with "beautiful"! lol Can't wait for the updates! ;)

Anonymous said...

im loving the sunshine also !!

lovely sandwich, mmm looks so delish :)

Stef said...

Updates in the Life of Em?? You tease, I can't wait to hear! And a surprise too? Jeez lady! That race sounds awesome, beach runs are the best! Hope you had fun meeting your friend's baby, so exciting!

Mica said...

Yay, we'll both run our first 5K's this May. (That is, if I don't wuss out!)

Anonymous said...

yay for sunshine! Aw, don't be nervous about the 5K - I've done one before and it was a lot of fun, and it doesn't matter if you don't do amazingly in your first one because it's all experience and there will be a lot more 5Ks to run in the future. I'm sure you will enjoy it, a beach race sounds really cool!