Sunday, December 7, 2008

Celebrate good times...

This weekend has been full of celebrations, since I am graduating!!
It has been fun but I am definitely ready to get back into a normal routine, clean the house, and start planning out the things i need to do for my trip. i really need to start thinking about what i need to pack, because as of right now i have absolutely NO clue.
Here is a picture re-cap of the weekend:
I always get such a serious face when I take pictures. haha (im the one on the left, by the way). This is my best friend brittani in the picture with me, she has pretty much celebrated with me 24/7 this weekend, and she is the BESTEST!
And here we are on night #2 of graduation celebration:
And I just thought this picture was funny, its brittani telling me that if I talk to a certain guy tonight she will not be a happy person! haha

In other news, i did get a new camera and im so excited about it! its a cannon powershot and i really like it! i think it takes really good pictures, and now i will be able to post more pictures of food, fun, etc. Everyone whose blogs i have read have been such an inspiration and i think they are all so awesome! any tips or advice on getting my blog started please let me know! you guys are amazing!
here is a picture of my breakfast, i always eat this when i have alot of time in the morning because it takes so long to eat! haha. its kind of a weird combo, but its one of my faves. its just whole wheat toast with blackberry preserves and 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese (i added a dash of cinnamon after i took the picture) I also had my daily cup of coffee.
ok heres a question i dont know if im just weird or if other people feel this way too...but i have certain silverware for different meals and i HATE when i have to use other types of spoons, knifes, etc. than what i usually use. like i have a certain "breakfast" spoon and a "dinner" fork and so on. haha. is that weird?!


Erica said...

Cute pics! You ladies are gorgeous!

You must be just THRILLED to be graduating!

I am with you on the silverware! We actually have two sets and one is less formal and one is more formal (not super formal...just nicer) and I always select the silverware based on what we're eating/when haha.