Monday, December 29, 2008

Cute Overload

Well, I finally got the internet back! It has been off for the whole weekend!!! whew, it was rough! so now im sitting here catching up on a whole weekends worth of blogs. SO, i suppose I will update everyone on MY weekend. I know your all just dying to hear about it! lol.
Of course I had to work at the mall A TON! the mall was INSANE i have never seen so many people (and so many rude people) at one time! I guess everyone wants to spend their Christmas money right away! I havent even had time to spend any of my money! Im pretty sure that my mom and i are taking a trip to asheville, nc tomorrow to do some shopping. I love asheville, its such a cute little town and has alot of little shops with unique things. Im gonna try to get some pictures tomorrow to put up so everyone can see the cuteness that is Asheville, NC.
I also saw two movies this weekend! I never really get to see movies, so its really strange that I saw two in a row...and then I might go see another one today! Anyway, I saw Yes Man with my sisters, it was pretty funny and then I saw Seven Lbs. with my friends. It was pretty good as well, I would recommend both.
Also, this weekend my friend Jenny had a birthday dinner at Olive Garden. Her and her boyfriend are having a baby, and i think they may be up there with Asheville on the cuteness scale. Here she is with her boyfriend Chris.
I just love her, she is one of my favorite people in the whole world! And she is soooo interesting! She is moving back to Korea, where her parents live, in a few months. : (. She can speak AND write Korean, and also cooks some AMAZING Korean food!
Another one of my cute friends is Tina, I went out with her this weekend too...she is always a blast to hang out with!

Night Number One:

Night Number Two:
Ok I will leave you with just ONE MORE CUTE THING...its my "teacher bag" that Mike gave me for my graduation. I kept saying that I wanted a bag to carry my books in that was really "teacher-y" and cheesy! haha...I think he nailed it, for sure! He even got my teacher name, Miss Emily, printed on it!!
pretty awesome huh?! Alright, off to run some errands and play a little catch up! Talk to you later!