Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Could be fun...

So I have definitely had blogs before and they have definitely gone to the way-side due to other interests, or absolutely no interest in writing. I have been lurking other people's blogs though, and figured "hey, it could be fun." So we shall see. One of the reasons that I have been reading other blogs is to get recipes and ideas because I love to cook and try new foods. Hopefully one of these days I can get some cool pictures and such...but currently I have no camera, besides my camera phone, and we ALL know how that goes.

This week is my last week of student teaching before I graduate. To be more exact, I have 21 more hours of student teaching left before I graduate. And then, instead of walking across the stage and throwing up my hat (like I had planned) I am jetting off to California to meet up with a wonderful guy, who better be worth all that effort and sacrifice!! Just Kidding (sort of).

SO! lets do this...hey! could be fun?