Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

well...Santa really made a mess of those cookies! How RUDE!...oh well, at least he left us some pretty nice gifts :).

As i mentioned before the stockings are my favorite part about Christmas morning...its just so fun seeing all the little practical trinkets! haha. Here are the stocking hanging on the mantel...and then the contents of my stocking!

See I told you it was all "practical" stuff!...My stocking contained lotion, gum and mints, a toothbrush, deodorant, a finger nail file, chap stick, and movie tickets (because my sisters and I always go see a movie on Christmas morning).

After we opened our stockings we moved on to the presents! We always pass them out and then go from youngest to oldest taking turns opening them one by one! lasts longer this way.
After we opened presents, my mom (of course) cooked a HUGE breakfast! My sisters and I always get mad at her because she never can just make one main thing...she has to cook EVERYTHING!! This morning she made hashbrown casserole, egg quiche, GIANT cinnamon rolls, bacon, and sausage!!! I think she is crazy...but its GOOD! Here she is cooking the cinnamon rolls...what'd I tell ya...crazy right?! haha j/k
And I of course had to start the morning off right with some a festive mug!
I was trying to take it easy on the breakfast because my mom is cooking a big lunch/dinner as well...and I think I'm a little more excited about that then I was about the breakfast. Here is my plate of homemade breakfast goodness:
I skipped on the cinnamon rolls because, like I said I was trying to go easy!...I need get a pretty big portion of hashbrown casserole...and may or may not have gone back for seconds ;). A pieace of the egg quiche, and some sausage. Now whats for lunch?! haha. I'll be back with that one a little later! hope everyone is having a merry christmas!!