Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, today was the shopping trip to Asheville. I know I said this before, but I just love this place! it just has sooo much character, and is not a bad drive either (about 45 minutes), so i always try to go up just to walk around and spend the day whenever I get the chance. There are also some pretty cool restaurants down there too. Rachel Ray even went there on one of her shows! Of course, my mom is not so into trying new foods, so she opted for the food court. I got subway. Its always disappointing to eat at some crappy place when you know there are all these awesome restaurants just up the street! oh well, I like to come here with more adventerous people most of the time! haha.
The car ride was a blast though! I downloaded Kanye Wets's new CD, and I have been OBSSESSED! my favorite song on the whole CD is "paranoid"...its just soooo catchy! I think I listened to it about 10 times on the way up there, and insisted that everyone else agree on its awesomeness as well.
Role Call! Here are my sisters Kelli and Tatum holding it down in the backseat....
Here is my mom, EL CAPITAN...haha she cant even look at the camera she is soooo in the zone with her driving! Just look at that face! soo serious!
And me in the wing man's seat. Dont mind the HUGE sun glasses, my other ones where MIA.
ANNNDD Kelly again...not too amused by the 100th listen of Kanye!

And here is Kelly and I when we finally made it...we are ready to shop!
We Spent most of the day shopping around...i got two shirts, 2 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces, and a pair of shoes! We got home about 5 and my mom dropped me off at my house. I hung around a little bit and then made dinner, shrimp stir-fry noodles and another one of my mean salads!

Wheew! it has been a looong day! shopping really wears you out, im tellin ya! Goodnight!


Erica said...

Hope you got some good stuff shopping! Your family is adorable and I happen to love those big sunglasses :)