Monday, December 8, 2008

I love sushi!

Tonight was so much fun! me and three other of the girls that I have gone all through college with went out for a celebratory dinner. we decided to get all dressed up and I convinced everyone to go to my favorite sushi place, stir-fry. None of them had ever been there! I just love it!
I was the only one that had sushi though (it is so hard to find people around here that are adventurous enough to try sushi) but it is my personal theory that someone who says they dont like sushi is someone who has never tried it! its just soooo good! I have lready been promised a nice sushi dinner one night while i am in California! I didnt get pictures of the food...I feel a little embarrassed about taking pictures of food in front of other people. Did anyone else feel this way when they started thier blog?! Anyways I ordered a plain tuna roll that looked a little like this:

AND a Spider Roll that looked a little like this:
And of course I HAD to get my favorite drink that they make there, I have never seen it anywhere else, so I always have to get it whenever I go, its called a FLIRTINI...yum yum yum!!
I talked it up so much that all the other girls HAD to try it too! Here is Crystal with her flirtini:
ANDDDD I think she liked it!
Here is Jessica, she has been the BIGGEST support throughout my entire student teaching, definitely a shoulder to cry on! and she is getting married after graduation! I just love this girl:
And here is jessica and I together, everyone always got us mixed up in class! I dont know if I really see it, maybe a small resemblance?! haha. Never mind the fact that we are wearing almost IDENTICAL outifts!!
It was a very nice dinner and I am sad that I will not have class with these girls anymore, but I know we will stay in touch.

Currently I am watching one of my FAVE channels, FOOD NETWORK! It may be kinda sad that I can name almost everyone of the "celebrities" on this channel. Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives just ended and now I am watching Good Eats! LOVE me some Alton Brown. I loved that other show that he did, dining on asphalt.
Anyway, I think im rambling, I have a BIG day tomorrow (getting all my school work wrapped up and getting things together for my trip) and I have to get up pretty early to get it all started, so I better hit the hay!