Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two more days!

Soooo...just TWO MORE DAYS of student teaching left and then I will be a college graduate! last night was the last night of seminar, I left my house at 730 in the morning and didnt not return until 8 that night! Its my longest day, but I hate just sitting around the house so I really dont mind it. AND I of course had to do a little bit of shopping in between breaks. Im going to L.A. in one week! I have no idea how they dress there and Im afraid that I'm gonna stand out as this obvious "country bumpkin" haha. I mean in Tennessee I would say I have a pretty good grip on fashion, but L.A.?! not quite sure about that.

I also work at a girls clothing store in the mall, so I get 50% off of everything from there, and that really really helps. I only had about 45 to shop so I only had time to go to one store today. I am planning on continuing my shopping spree today after I get out of teaching. Here is what I got...tell me what you think, and if any of you have been to L.A. what the heck do they wear?! haha.

I thought it would be cute with dark jeans and some red heals (have to find some of those).

The back of this shirt is what sold me on it, but you cant really see it. its kind of racerback-esque, and its black.

and then some jewelery!

ok so NO ONE in my seminar class liked these, but I think they are different and kind of cool...maybe I just have NO sense of style when it comes to earrings! haha
AND these

I know I need a dress and maybe another pair jeans. what else should I get?! hmmm I dont know. What I do know is that I'm late!!!! gotta go!