Friday, December 5, 2008

Mixed Emotions!

So today was my last day of student teaching...and we made a giant GINGER BREAD MAN! the kids are so cute when we do cooking stuff like this, because they get SO into it.
Here are some pictures from today:
That is me reading the gingerbread story to the children yesterday to "draw them in" so they would be excited about making their own gingerbread man today!
Pour the mix into the bowl...

Adding the water...

Stirring it all up...
and pouring it into the gingerbread man!...

And of course while it was baking we had to come up with a big story about how the gingerbread man tried to jump out of the oven when we opened it, but luckily we caught it and stuck it to the pan! haha.
My mentor teacher brought me a book as a present for my last day and all of the children put their thumb prints on the inside cover and signed their names. It was really sweet, I kind of teared up!
I will definitely miss all the children that I have taught during my student teaching. I look forward to having my very own class! I know my first class will be really special to me!

Lunch was a PB&J on honey wheat bread with some pretzels. I also had an orange on the side.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I plan on celebrating all weekend looong! It has been a tough semester, but im glad because that just makes me feel like I really hard to get where I am now. It gives it so much more meaning. I earned it for sure!!!

Dont forget, from my other posts I need book recommendations and digital camera recommendations, as well.