Monday, December 8, 2008

Student Teaching Celebration

OK i was going to say that i think this may be the last celebration for the end of student teaching, but my supervisor is having a get together on Wednesday to wrap everything up. Nothing big but she is calling it a "celebration". haha.
I woke up really late today (and by late I mean 9 a.m.) I just cant really sleep in too much since im so used to getting up at 530 every morning, and I really dont enjoy sleeping in, I always feel like there are things I need to be doing besides sleeping! I told the BF that im so A.D.D. i cant even sleep! anyways because i slept in a little i had a late breakfast (same as yesterdays) and then went shopping for a dress for tonight. The three other girls that were student teaching in my school are going out to a really nice dinner at my favorite sushi resturuant Stir-fry. By the time I got home from shopping it was already 4 oclock! i knew we were having dinner at 7, so i just made a small snack plate to hold me over...i didnt want to riun my appetite for SUSHI!!
I ate a little of it before i took the picture! haha...its just wheat bread with deli pepperjack cheese, celery sticks with salsa, some cherry tomatoes, and an apple.
im sure i will have plenty of pictures from tonight, so i will re-post later!
Hope everyone had a good Monday!


HangryPants said...

I am student teaching, too. The semester went by soooo fast!