Friday, December 5, 2008

Proud of Pumpkin

Im so happy because this morning I was brave and tried PUMPKIN OATS!
I have seen how so many of you use this combo in your oats in the morning and have really been wanting to try it, so I bought my can of pumpkin about a month ago and have still yet to be brave enough to try it. Here was my delima:

  1. I was afraid that it would take too long to open the can, and I have limited time in the morning! haha
  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and if I dont like what I eat for breakfast it just gets my day off to a bad start. Does anyone else feel this way?!
  3. I am a creature of habit and I usually stick with banana oats, so I didnt know if I would like the change.
  4. I wasnt sure if I had the best "add-ins" on hand to make it good.
So i decided to look past all of these things and just give it a whirl! (mainly because I was out of bananas this morning).
yes, it did take too long to open the can (I had to use two different can openers and about 20 minutes of my morning to get it open!). But it was worth it and I just took the pumpkin that I didnt use out of the can and into a Tupperware container so it would be easier to use next time. and I just stuck with simple add-ins and mixed it with vanilla soy milk and lots of cinnamon and it was great. Next time I will probably add a banana too, but like I said I was allll out!
Here is a pic:
Again, kinda crappy cause it was with my cell phone, but I did go to a couple of places to compare digital cameras, and I will probably make a purchase today.
What kind of camera do you use? and most importantly, do you like it?!

Ok so today is my very last day of student teaching and then I will be a college grad!
wish me luck! ill see you after school!