Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food Update

"Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep." -Carl Sanburg

Hey everyone! I just got home from another of work. I swear, people have STILL not quite shopping for the holidays. Hopefully everyone will go back to school and work soon and it wont be as crazy!

Last night there was a HUGE storm that apparently woke EVERYONE up at the same time. It woke me up around 6 this morning with the loudest thunder I have ever heard! It even shock the house! Everyone was talking about how it woke them up, my friend and I were joking that we think the whole city was probably awake at the same time! haha. Anyway, I went back to sleep and ended up sleeping in pretty late. When I did finally get up, I had my favorite breakfast...whole wheat toast with jelly (I eat two pieces of toast and on each on I use a different flavor jelly, i like to mix it up!) This morning I was feeling apricot and strawberry preserves. And of course a side of 1% cottage cheese. Weird, I know, but OH SO GOOD!!

food4 003

After I ate and got ready I went to work for a little bit. Since I had had such a late breakfast and then went straight to work, I didnt really have too much time for a full on lunch. I snacked on some pretzels and a lara bar. When i got home I was DEF ready for some dinner. I was feeling a little I made up a sort-of veggie fajita. It was sauteed onions, mushrooms, and spinach with some south west seasoning mixed with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and topped with chunky salsa...all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. On the side I had the rest of the broccoli and cauliflower mixed with some low fat cheese and half a golden delicious apple. Not too bad for just a random mix of things!

food4 005

And now I am in my PJS getting ready to fold some laundry and finish the night with my book. I am reading the book Inkheart, it is supposed to be a childrens book...but I cant help it! I LOVVVEEE fantasy books. dont laugh at me! I am a little bit more than half through (it has 600 pages!) and so far it is really good!

Well, I hope everyone had a great end to thier weekend and has a wonderful Monday! Goodnight dears!