Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ups and Downs

So today has just been one of those days that has been filled with ups and downs. It started off pretty good. I woke up got caught up on my episodes of The City. Boy, do I love that show! Did you know that Whitney was named one of the top 100 hottest blondes on! I just love her style, I wish I could steal all of her clothes (and especially her shoes!). whit

Anyway, then I had breakfast (the usual) and went on over to the gym for a GREAT workout. I was not really feeling going to the gym today and I almost turned around about 3 times on my way there, but I knew I would feel better if I went, so I did and I got in a good 35 minutes on the eliptical and 25 minutes on the bike :). I got home and made up another DE-LISH wrap.

Flat Out Wrap with garlic hummus, 3 slices of turkey, salsa, spicy mustard, and spinach. And obv. an apple ;)

Does anybody else have a certain order that they stack their ingredients in sandwiches or wraps?! It has taken me a couple of trial and error tries, but I think I have the discovered the OPTIMAL order for wraps. Maybe if your lucky one day I'll reveal it! Also, maybe one day I'll discover the secret to eating them without needing 39208402834 napkins!

After lunch i hopped in the shower and got ready for work, which was....ehhhhh....lets just not go there.

I did some REALLY cute things from Charlotte when I went on my interview that I broke out last night though.

Feather printed shirt from Forever 21

Fish necklace from Forever 21

Here are some pics from my dinner and movie "date night" with the bestie.

sushi night! 003

sushi night! 004

When we got to the movie we were the only ones in the theater, so we started jumping down as many of the stairs that we could in one jump. I tried to get a cool-looking mid-air pic, but it just was NOT happening! damn camera delay!! haha. Here are my attempts:

sushi night! 008

sushi night! 009

The movie that we saw The Unborn just OK. Im not really all that into movies about possession and stuff like that, it just REALLY creeps me out. I wasnt aware that this was that kind of movie, but oh yes it was! Lets just say coming home alone to a dark empty house at midnight was less than a fun time.



Jaime said...

love my wraps too :) ! i do have a certain way i top things-- i always put the proteins and fats first because they are usually the yummiest and i want them to be closest to the bread so i can taste them :) glad you had fun with your friend! cute top! xo

Mica said...

I used to work in a bagel shop, so I am pretty particular about stacking my sandwiches. Wraps, though, it's pretty much whichever way will lead to the least mess!

You girls are so cute. Your date night looked HOT!

Jen said...

hmmmm I never thought about the order of my wrap ingredients! Sometimes I just wing it and have no idea what I am adding until I do so! LOL
I LOVEEEE the feather shirt! You make it look so cute! fun pics!

lesley said...

Glad you had a good time, cute pics : )

I know, I'm GLAD it's the weekend! Don't have too many plans, hangin' out with the hubby ... how about you?

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

haha oh my god I totally have certain ways I top my sandwiches - it reminds me of one spongebob episode where he couldn't remember the right way to assemble the crabby patty ;)!

i lalalalove that forever 21 shirt! that store is my fav. though I can only go in there when im feeling extra patient because it takes FOREVER to go through all of the clothes (hmm..maybe that's why they call it forever 21 perhaps?!) and the picture of you and you girl are beautiful...your so pretty babydoll and your little dimples are just adorable :)

have a wonderful miss! love you!! <3

Erica said...

You and your bestie have an awesome sense of style- you're both just gorgeous!!!mmmm I love hummus on sammys! I haven't watched the city at all! I am a huge hills fan too. I just haven't had time! I will have to catch up

Anonymous said...

You look SO MUCH like Whitney! I thought that was you!!!

Anonymous said...

lovin the wrap! ha, i usually put the spread on, then meat, then veggies :) i can not wait for this weekend! my bf is coming to visit! :) glad you had a great time with your friend!

Anonymous said...

that necklace is so cute!

Nicole said...

Oh I love when the theaters empty. Not so sure why it makes the movie more awesome, but it does.

I've never really thought about my sandwich makin skills. If it's a salad wrap I mix it all before putting it to the wrap so the dressings even throughout. Hate dry lettuce. :)