Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blueberries in Bulk, oh my!

I got the best surprise from my roommate when I opened the refrigerator this morning and found this...

Jan102009 006

Yay for MASSIVE quantities of blueberries!! My room mate decided to get a membership to Sam's club, so now pretty much everything in the house is in bulk amounts! It looks like we are a family of 10! haha. But, im not complaining, because I will have no trouble taking a few of these off her hands. ;)

So yesterday I decided to try out some yoga videos and OH MY GOODNESS I am soooo sore this morning! The video that I did was a little over an hour and it was supposed to be "strength training" yoga. Well, I believe it because my abs, legs, arms, and almost everything in between were feeling it when I woke up! So, of course I had to do it again this morning! I really recommend the videos on yogatoday there are so many different ones to choose from based on what type of workout you want and what level you are on. Plus the instructor is kinda funny and entertaining.

After I finished breakfast and yoga, I broke out this book that I picked up yesterday:

I loved the first one, and I cant wait to start the second one! I felt realllly stupid though, digging through the children's section of barnes and noble for my book. But oh well, I like what I like! haha. plus I have the excuse of being a teacher if anyone were to get suspicious!

I read up until almost 3! And then I decided to whip me up some lunch. I made a HUGE salad with 1/4 cup of crab meat on top. You cant really tell its in there because I mixed it all up! its just better that way.

lunchie 002

and on the side i had a chopped up pear (again better that way) and some wheat thins:

lunchie 004

Now, Im just gonna relax at home for the rest of the day...because hey?! what else are Sundays for?!

Hope everyone else has a relaxing and wonderful Sunday!


It took me FOREVER to figure out what I was in the mood for tonight! I was really craving something a little sweet, and I wasnt really feeling any kind of meat, but I also had so many veggies at lunch that I wasnt really feeling anything like that either. SOOOO I made up some french toast! I used whole wheat bread, egg whites, and skim milk, for a "healthier version"...I still think it tastes GREAT! Of course I knew that my roommate was going to have SUCH a hard time finishing all those yummy blueberries before they went bad, so I decided to be a stand-up gal and take a few of those off her hands...for her own good, of course ;) I had a glass of milk on the side as well. Just look at that great breakfast for dinner!! haha


Sharon said...

What an awesome roommate, and great yoga! Have a wonderful sunday!

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Haha whoa girl - you look like you are in blueberry heaven!

Thanks so much for the yoga recommendation, I'll definitely check it out tomorrow! have a great day love <3

Amira said...

blueberries= heaven!!Lucky girl
I wish I had an excuse to dig around in the kid's section in the bookstores!
Oh I've been looking for some online yoga stuff so thanks heaps i'm heading there now!

HangryPants said...

I've done yogatoday and also yogadownload, which are free for 20 minute short classes. They are super as well!

Erica said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm French toast! Love breakfast for dinner, we're having it later this week!!

The massive thing of blueberries looks awesome. We are joining BJs when we move into the house and I cannot wait

Megan said...

yayyyy for the blueberries!! what a great surprise. i went to sam's club a few weeks ago and they had a MASSIVE container of organic raspberries; when i saw them, i almost fainted!

that french toast doesnt look too shabby either :P breakfast for dinner is always so satisfying to me. yumm.

Katie said...

I love breakfast for dinner! Especially when it's French toast :-)

I could probably eat that whole tub of blubes in one sitting... my tummy might not be so happy about it though!

aussirish said...

hi ijust came across your site and thought id leave a comment.
i love the layout and backround of your blog :)
your eats look great, especially that french toast!