Friday, January 9, 2009

Shopping Recap!

"Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true self"

- Carol Lynn Pearson

The greatest treasure of my journey, you ask?! just so happens to be this little ol' t-shirt:

david bowie 002

I swear, we were in Urban Outfitters about an hour, I was ready to check out, and then just decided to go browse through the guys t-shirts while waiting for the line to die down. Now, if you know anything about Urban, you know that their t-shirts are usually about 30-40$. I immediately lay my eyes on this AMAZING t-shirt AND its on sale for $10!!!! I have had a strange love for David Bowie ever since I watched the Labyrinth when I was 10 years old. Everyone makes fun of me for it, I embrace it...which is why this shirt is perfect! haha. Dont worry, I dont think ill wear it out in public...strictly a VERY cute sleep shirt! haha.

Anyway, shopping was so much fun...we shopped from 11 until 8 that night!!! I told you we are professionals! After we finished our marathon shopping, we stopped in to eat at Cheesecake Factory before we headed home. I have never eaten here so I was excited! I really liked the atmosphere! It was such a cool place! And all of the food was soooo HUGE! I ordered the weight management grilled chicken and there is just NO WAY that that thing is less than 600 calories! Do you think its possible?! Im always skeptical of the restaurants that list their calorie counts, sometimes it just seems a little unbelievable. What is your opinion on this?!

And of course seeing as we were at the Cheesecake factory and we had been walking ALLL day, we just had to order a slice of cheesecake. My room mate and I split this:

Chocolate Mousse was delicious!

We made it home at about midnight (and we had left at 8 that morning!). So when we got home, I put on my David Bowie t-shirt and crashed!! All in all it was a great day!!

In other news.....



Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Hey girl :)! i love your blog - it is so cute!

Oh Cheesecake factory .. my weakness! That slice looks FABULOUS - I'm so jealous!

Enjoy your friday love<3

Amira said...

Chocolate mousse cheescake- hecks yes, sounds divine!
Love the shirt by the way- david bowie is awesome!!
Have a great day

Sharon said...

Awesome shopping trip!
And I am skeptical sometimes at calorie counts, but it doesn't seem too bad with what you ordered.

Erica said...

What a fun day of shopping! Love the Bowie tshirt...too funny :) Ow cheesecake, so good! Glad you enjoyed your day. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

love the tshirt! recent college grad too! can you believe how fast school flew by?

HangryPants said...

I am completely mortified every time I ask for something on the "Weight Management" menu, which was only twice, but still. I think maybe if you get dressing on the side the cals. are possible?