Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night and I Feel Alright

Happy Friday girlies! I know everyone has been looking forward to the weekend and its finally here! Tonight is kind of a chill night for me, I think my friend Tina and I are going out tomorrow night.

Today was a pretty relaxing day as well. I got in a little gym time. I only did 35 minutes on the eliptical today because I just wasnt really feeling it for some reason...I was nervous because I have been waiting to hear back from my interview...but a little exercise is better than none at all, right?! After the gym I went into the grocery store to pick up a "few" things, and ended up with a little more than I had anticipated! They had so many veggies on sale!

How could I possibly pass up these tri-colored baby cute are they?!


These broccoli sprouts were on sale too, the PERFECT thing for my sammies, for sure :).

And of course I had to get stocked up on my fruit: apple (cameo and crispini, bananas, oranges, and grapefruit).

Back when I was student teaching and eating lunch in the teacher's lounge, I always saw this one teacher bringing these salads for lunch and thought they looked kinda good and convenient.

Tuscan Pesto Chicken Fresh Express Salad

I decided to pick on up (since it was on sale too) for something quick for lunch...since I was STARVING. Upon further investigation of the salad when I got home, i realized that it kinda sucked. All it had was romaine lettuce, that was IT for the veggies, and then some grilled chicken, some gross looking cheese, croutons, and dressing. I definitely had to "health" it up a litte. I quickly tossed the croutons and the cheese and just used the lettuce, chicken, and dressing...then I added in some spinach leaves, tomatoes, and ended up looking something like this:


The dressing and the chicken were actually pretty good...and once I added the extra veggies the salad was pretty decent.

I worked a little after that and then came home and the roomie and I cooked up some stir-fry using this HUMONGOUS bag of stir-fry veggies she bought. That girl and buying in bulk, im telling ya. ;)


We cooked up some noodles to go with it and mixed it with soy sauce and the stir-fry mix. Here is my plate:


and a small glass of wine...hey its Friday isnt it?!


And dessert...


Fudgy peanut butter chocolate vitatop, with cool whip on top. YUMMM!!!

Oh yeah, something VERY exciting happened today. I walked out of my door to go to work and there was THIS laying on my door step.


What is you ask?!.....A package from Mike!! In case you didnt know Mike is my boyfriend, and he currently lives on the complete opposite side of U.S.! It was a very good surprise for the day :)Bold

Inside was a book that I told him I had been wanting to add to my collection of books for my future classroom. It is one that all of my professors recommended. He knew that I had wanted it because I showed it to him one day, but decided to wait until later to buy it. AND he got it for me!


Well, that is about all of the excitement for the night, I think. Ill probably call it a night soon.

But first I have a question for you gals...those of you who eat Tofu regularly, I really wanna start making it in sandwiches and such. How do you cook it and season it?! Please give me ideas!!!

Thanks and tons of love to everyone!! Goodnight! <3


ok i had to do it, if you think his gift was cute...just look at this picture!

I miss him!


Mica said...

Colored cauliflower always freaks me out. Does it taste any different than the white stuff?

As for tofu, when I put it in sandwiches, I literally just slice it and pan-fry it until it's dry-looking. Probably not the tastiest preparation. When I do stir-fry, I usually let it marinade for a little while in soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey, ginger, and some canola oil (and red pepper flakes, of course)! I, in fact just had that for dinner.

Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

aw how sweet is Mike.. that's adorable :)!

sorry the salad wasn't up to par - that stinks because it really is such a convenient idea!

have a beautiful and relaxing night my dear! love ya <3 xo

Simple and Divine said...


D0N'T LAUGH: I eat it Raw... Sometimes with Hummus (Raw Tofu= something i grew up eating n bc i no longer eat meat, ive been eating it much more frequently... Sometimes I just throw it in the micro too! Mmmmm)

(PS) How adorable is your BF!?

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture of you and your boyfriend.
I'm also wanting to try tofu, but not sure how to cook it.

Jen said...

I cant tell you enough how awesome the picture of you and the man is!! :)

Yummy dessert ;)

I just bought some tofu yesterday... I have never really had it before except at WF salad bar.. sooooooo I am going to try to make it tonight for dinner. I will let you know! :)

Jaime said...

yummy eats! cute pic of you and your guy! i'm sure living far apart is hard but you guys are adorable! have a good time with your friend tonight

Anonymous said...

Patricia Polacco was one of my FAVORITES when I was little! I LOVE "Thunder Soup." I wrote to her and she wrote back, too!

Have you read any Cynthia Rylant? Sorry I'm such a dork but that was so exciting.

You and Mike are so cute!

Anonymous said...

eeee your blog is so gorgeous! im adding you to my blogroll :) hope thats ok.. your food all looks sooo good and now i'm craving noodles. mm mmm mmm! oh and on the subject of you and your man, it had to be said: AWWWWW xxxxx

Bec said...

I just found your blog, its great! Love colour cauliflower too, its a great way to add some more colour to a salad or meal. As for tofu I usual pan fry or bake it but its all about the marinade. It can be pretty plan on its own so I always let it soak up some flavors for an hour or more, peanut sauce is one of my faves!


just found your blog too cute:)