Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh What A Night

WOW! what a crrrrazzzy night! But, I guess its new years...its supposed to be wild, right?! I have always dreaded New Years because usually I dont do anything really note worthy and on top of that something bad usually happens! This year I was prepared. But, nothing happened besides maybe me opening my big mouth and thinking I was helping when I was really hurting. (looong story). Anyways, of course i have pictures. I spent New Years Eve with my best friend Brittani and her cousin from Georgia. I felt weird not having anyone to really dress up for or to kiss at midnight, since Mike is thousands of miles away. It was kind of cool though, because there is a three hour time difference so I called him at midnight to say happy new year, and three hours later he called me to say happy new year. Ok, enough talk...ON TO THE PICTURES!

Me and Britt all dressed up!
Of course we had champagne...STRAWBERRY to be exact :)
My New Years Kiss. haha

ready to call it a night...


Only The Good Stuff said...

Oh! Your dress looks so fabulous!! Looks like yall had a grand ole time!! Happy New Year!!