Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movie Reviews and Dinnerware

"If your not living life on the edge your taking up too much room."
Good morning everyone!...or should I say afternoon?! I dont know, I didnt really sleep in this morning, but im just now sitting down to eat breakfast and im definitely still in my PJS.
Last night, some of the girls from work and I went and saw the movie Doubt after work. I have one word for this movie...BORING! I have a pretty hard time sitting through movies anyway (I have serious ADD) and this one was especially hard to sit through!! The acting and the production in the movie was great, but it was just very slow and never really got to the point or got too exciting. I can definitely see it being nominated for all those awards though, just not my type of movie. I give it a 4.
Here are my AMAZING colleagues...I love every single one of them, it really is like a big family at work and I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and strong women everyday.
From left to right Tina, Tanya, Renee, and Stephanie.
Ok, I just feel like I need to praise these girls just a little bit more, because I truely look up to and admire every single one of them.
Tina is one of the strongest women that I know, she has been through so much in her life and works so hard everyday. She is going to school now to become a nurse, so that she can support herself and her two sons. She has had a ton of obstacles, but has never let that stand in her way.
Tanya is the friend that I always go to for advice. She always gives the best advice and thinks of things in ways that I would never think of. We have been through a whole lot together and I consider her one of my best friends, she is my shopping my buddy and my partner in crime. She is currently expecting her third child! we hope its a boy!!
Renee is my boss, but she is more like a second mother to me! I feel like I can talk to her about anything. we even argue like mother and daughter. She is the best boss that I have ever had and I really look up to and respect her for that.
Stephanie is like my older sister. She and I always butt heads because we are both so stubborn! But we always hug and make up in about five mintues! She just got married a few months ago and I threw her bacherlotte party and helped decorate for her wedding. She is the kind of friend that would be there for you in heartbeat if you needed her. no questions asked. I love her to death and I would do anything for her in return.
Ok, thats enough of that seriousness! haha. I just fell so lucky to have such great friends that I just had to brag a little bit.
On to other things...I MUST have this plate set
How cute is that?! Its got sushi all over it! haha. I think I need it.
I need to decorate my house a little more, I feel like it needs more personality! where is the best place to get cool, unique home decor?


Erica said...

ugh- sorry the movie wasn't very good :( That movie is supposed to be up for all kinds of awards right?

Your coworkers are adorable. That is so great that you have great role models- yayyy!

Cute dinnerware! Love it!!