Thursday, January 22, 2009

Girl Just Wanna Have Fun-un

Hello beautiful girlies! I hope everyone had a good Thursday. I must say a am a TAD bit jealous of you girls that are in classes all day. I know, i know...your thinking what?! But this is my first semester as a "graduate" and I kinda miss the whole college thing. Girls dont rush to be out of school!! Enjoy while you can, while you still dont have to face the "real world"! haha. In related news I DO have an interview to be the lead teacher of a 2 year old classroom at a center in Charlotte, NC...which is about 4 hours away from home. Im excited about a change, but we will see! I am driving down for the interview on Tuesday and they told me that basically it is just me spending 5 HOURS in the classroom with the kiddos while they watch me!!!!


Today has been a pretty chill day. I had the whole day off from work so I woke up and made some "very berrrrry oats". It included:

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1 banana
  • blueberries
  • strawberry preserves
  • splash of vanilla soy milk
  • and CINNAMON

It looked something along the lines of this:

food 002
In the slightly annoying words of Miss Rachel Ray: YUM-O!

I then headed on over to the gym for a nice workout:

  • 15 minutes on the stairmaster
  • 35 minutes on the eliptical
  • 3 reps on each of the leg machines (leg curls, hip abductors, hip adductors, and glutes)

When I got home I made up some lunchie. Still not in the mood to try my wraps...hopefully tomorrow :) gotta go with your moods ya know?! So I made up a turkey sammie on whole wheat bread and an apple on the side.

food 005

Now I am sitting here blogging while I wait for my girl to get over here so we can have a "girls night out". It is def much needed and I am soooo excited. I always have so much fun with her! I went by the store and picked up this little friend as well. I hope no one is offended but I just think it is so cute and FUNNY

wine 001
"Bitch" wine. haha

wine 002
You cant really see it too well, but all those little words?! No description just say bitch over and over and over! haha. Gotta love it!

Well, girls im off to get all prettied up for a night on the town! :) I hope everyone has a great night and I love you all.

TGIF tomorrow, friends!


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

Good luck with the interview Emily! I'm sure you will do great! Be sure to let me know how it goes love <3 xoxo

p.s. have a good night dollface, be good ;)!

Mica said...

Good luck with your interview! That's exciting.

I just graduated last May, but then I promptly went back for grad school. I'm totally envious of everyone who works because you don't have HOMEWORK and EXAMS anymore. As always, they are still the pits!

Erica said...

ah! Congrats about the interview! I bet you will do just amazing. Charlotte is SUCH a wonderful city. I lived there one summer while I did a co-op.